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    Architecture Humor

    nice vents. :lol:
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    Balloon Aerials

    it's amazing how much of the city you can see from up there.
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    If you haven't gone up in the balloon yet...

    awesome pics! can't wait to see more.
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    Gropius House, Lincoln

    they did a quick walk-through of the gropius house on the last season of this old house. they showed parts of the interior as well. my favorite feature was the little deck off of the daughter's room.
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    from winter hill:
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    The most amazing notebook I've ever seen!

    i just saw this thing on cnet's tivo review segment. crazy!
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style - Part Deux

    along the charles river off moody street, waltham
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style - Part Deux

    heh, good call. it was actually taken from the room my girlfriend and i stayed in when we were originally in town looking for a place to live before we moved up.
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    Architect of the month: Gridley Fox Bryant

    i miss boston's architecture so much! :cry:
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    Too many technical problems

    those of you using mac os x, you should try Camino. it's a mac os-specific version of firefox that takes advatntage of mac os x-specific features.
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    Station Landing | Wellington Circle | Medford

    really? it must have closed right after i moved back to nc. i got some coffee and donuts there in late november/early december if i remember correctly. kk is a sad state of affairs, but hopefully they will start to get things turned around now that they have a new guy at the helm.
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    Repost - A Spiralbound Photo Album

    ahh, the good old spiral staircase thread. this place is getting back to normal.
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    Posting Photos

    when posting, use the Img button before and after the url of the picture you want to post. or you can use the tags that pressing the button inserts... just mouse over the Img button to see how to use the syntax.