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    Braintree infill and small developments

    Can chill out on the adjectives? Everything is huge or soaring or towering. This is a two-building 5-story development planned for parking lots 20 minutes from the city. When Braintree starts getting 1,500 unit proposals or plans for skyscrapers, we can start calling them huge. What...
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    Eli Lilly IGM | 15 Necco Street | Fort Point

    Beautiful photo. Absent the lack of people, it could pass for late Spring or early Summer.
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    Harriet Tubman House | 566 Columbus Avenue | South End

    From Mass Ave -- From Columbus --
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    Parcel 12 | 1001 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    Everything about that marketing video at that site is weird. From the British narrator who talks very generically about 'making space' and never actually mentions the location of the 'space' (or even the word Boston for that matter), to the circa-1970 black and white graphics. It's like they...
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    Ginkgo Bioworks (Parcels O&P) | 1-3 Anchor Way | Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park

    From 1-16-23 (includes photos of immediate surroundings) Currently, this area feels like the part of the town where the bad guys dump your body. Although you can begin to feel the Seaport gravitating out there.
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    Never noticed these banners before on the Artists Cooperative building on A Street right across from the planned Channelside development --
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    10 World Trade | BGI Office Tower (Massport Parcel A2) | Seaport

    1-15-2023 This is going to make quite the impression for people coming off the highway exit ramp --
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    The St Regis Residences (former Whiskey Priest site) | 150 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

    1-15-2023 First time I've been by with the Harborwalk open and the work almost completed. I'm impressed. Some angles work better than others, but the positives outweigh the negatives. This Harborwalk segment looks really wide and inviting, the lighting that is installed works well, the first...
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    The Aubrey | 149-153 Newbury Street | Back Bay

    Couldn't agree more. I really liked how those earlier designs embraced the corner location. This one is so blocky it has a kind of a 1980s contemporary yet slightly dated appearance. The large windows that extend out from the building remind me a bit of the Darth Vader building though they will...
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    East Boston Infill and Small Developments

    It's complete insanity that we have a 30-foot height limit and a floor-area-ratio maximum of 1 within five blocks of a subway station in one of the city's densest neighborhoods. Conservatively, the FAR should at least be quadrupled and four to five stories allowed by right. It's also...
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    Population & Economic Growth

    If you have followed GDP and population growth over the last 15-ish years, a pretty clear trend has emerged of Massachusetts, led by the Boston area, leading the New England region in economic growth. This has been really consistent in more recent years and Suffolk and Middlesex Counties have...
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    Concord, NH Developments

    There is also an effort afoot, I'm not sure how intensive or far along, to renovate the Phenix Building and restore the theater on the upper floors which is a pretty cool space
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    Concord, NH Developments

    New Concord building to bring Friendly Toast, rooftop bar Dec. 27—A five-story, mixed-use building will bring a new vibe to downtown Concord with a rooftop bar and a patio on the ground level for pop-up restaurants. A Friendly Toast restaurant and patio along the sidewalk on South Main...
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    MBTA Red Line / Blue Line Connector

    I don't know if this makes a great deal of budgetary/logistical sense, but it seems like with a new governor there might be some momentum for a bigger project and tackling both projects in quick succession of each other - the Charles/MGH extension and the extension to Lynn - and marketing it as...
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    North End / Downtown Small Infill Projects

    Residents Hear From New Boston Planning and Development Agency Director Just when you start to think NIMBY attitudes might be changing, you come across articles like this which...
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    Harriet Tubman House | 566 Columbus Avenue | South End

    11-20-2022 - From Columbus Ave and W. Springfield St.
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    General Boston Discussion

    Agreed. I thought the housing comments generally struck the right chord. Her talk about expanding the population to 800,000 and "growing the pie" reinforce that she is pro-growth. Looking for housing opportunities on city-owned properties makes sense, but I don't think we're going to land close...