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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Looks like West of the intersection is considered part of GLX:
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    Green Line Type 10 Procurement

    I think this is a misunderstanding. The GLX is not going to "get" any specific cars. They needed a larger Green Line fleet to be able to serve the new stops/branches with appropriate service levels, the new fleet is not specifically "for" the GLX. No type of train is going to just serve the GLX...
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    Green Line Type 10 Procurement

    I don't think that trying to make this an equity argument holds any water, and I think it would be incredibly wasteful. Dorchester/Mattapan deserve LRV cars which can meet their service needs reliably, effectively, and in a reasonable state of comfort/appearance. They don't have that now and...
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    Circling back around to this, today's presentation on RL/OL weekend work says they did (among other things) last weekend: OL: Replaced 520 linear feet of track + Installed 2,682 linear feet of...
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    MBTA Red Line / Blue Line Connector

    They made supportive enough noises in this recent Comm Mag article: > David Hanitchak, the hospital’s vice president for real estate, said a Red-Blue subway connection would make it easier for...
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    MBTA Red Line / Blue Line Connector

    Not speaking for the T, but having watched enough FMCB meetings, I'll make the argument as I see it. This isn't necessarily an endorsement of the argument, just what I believe it is. -------------- The T has repeatedly expressed that it believes it is unable to ramp up spending faster than it...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    I would imagine a guy qualified to do track work is not the same guy qualified to do what's basically building maintenance.
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    Prospect St (Cambridge - Somerville) "Too Small"

    On the bus side, I basically feel that you need to come back to this question in 2023. GLX is going to drastically change transportation in the area and I think we need a year or two of it being open before you can really start to figure out major optimization. For a basic example, Union Sq to...
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    North Washington St Bridge

    I think a major criteria you are missing is design life and maintenance considerations. It's a temporary structure, so a lot of things that matter if you want it to stick around for a long time don't matter here. I don't know that a lot of that structure would hold up to the rest of the...
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    Northeast Multi-state gas (carbon) tax

    My point here is that at the quoted numbers, I don't follow how it's accomplishing any of what I typically think of with regards to "carbon pricing". If it's not high enough to cause any substantial output reduction from emissions sources, and not high enough to enable any particularly...
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    Northeast Multi-state gas (carbon) tax

    Skimming some articles, it looks to me like the 12 states involved are around ~22% of the US population, and the US consumed 142.86 billion gallons of finished motor gasoline last year according to the EIA. A quick skim of yearly VMT per capita per state makes it look to me like consumption in...
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    Allston Yards (Stop and Shop) | 60 Everett St | Allston

    That's outside the bounds of the of the project site from what I see in documents, and already exists. If you want it to go away, I think the party you'd have to take that up with is New Balance, not Allston Yards.
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    MBTA Fare System (Charlie, AFC 2.0, Zone, Discounts)

    What people do today is not necessarily going to be the same once they have a financial incentive to act differently. I imagine that it'll lead to a lot of non-optimal mode shifting, where you've got people loading up other bus routes to avoid making the subway transfers the system was...
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    Biking in Boston

    There's a lot of types of camera enforcement I'm less than thrilled about, but enforcement cameras for bus lanes have worked well elsewhere, and present far fewer of the ethical issues/questionable incentives that have plagued red light camera programs. It does take a change to state law to...
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    Biking in Boston

    Consider me in the highly, highly skeptical camp of that. There's plenty of road rage incidents in highly public places as it is, and those are just because someone's fragile ego was wounded, without any money being involved. That's going to get someone intentionally run over with a car.
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    Red Line Extension to Mattapan

    NETransit puts RL trains (120-122") at around a foot wider than BL/OL (111") trains, and more like 2ft wider than GL cars (104" current stock, 100" PCCs).
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    Seaport Transportation

    In addition to the reasons F-Line mentioned: The existing ones aren't off the shelf buses. The T just rebuilt them all in that problematic contract with whatever company in Maine because they have basically no idea what they're going to do for replacements and are trying to buy time to figure...
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    Seaport Transportation

    The problem to me with the general concept you're going for is (less seating, more space to move) that you're not running a short airport circulator route where people are on the buses for 5 minutes at a time to go between terminals. The SS / Logan runtime is often long enough that asking a...
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    The "Full Transformation" Alternative 6 from the Rail Vision study that was endorsed includes the NSRL. Most of the other alternatives other than the no-build and the most minor one, included South Station Expansion. They're expecting to have to do at least one or the other as part of it...
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    General Infrastructure

    When talking about this as a thing in a widespread area of a city and not just a few specific streets/plazas, I'm curious as to how this actually works and all the impacts of it. As you mention, there's other cities in the world where I've heard of it being done. ------- My initial reaction...