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  1. dhawkins

    South Weymouth NAS Redevelopment | Southfield | Weymouth

    I may be showing my lack of knowledge on this comment (I'm not in real estate or town administration) but when there is this amount of land involved for development, wouldn't you think it would be mandatory for the developer to provide buildings, or at least land, for a new school, fire dept/...
  2. dhawkins

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Hopefully they come with extended warranty
  3. dhawkins

    Allston LabWorks | 250, 280 and 305 Western Avenue | Allston

    I drove by the 305 Western Ave site tonight and noticed the block was enclosed with a construction fence and the auto garage was gone, only piles of bricks. To dark for pictures. Soon to be this bdlg.
  4. dhawkins

    Nubian Sq. Parcel P-3 (nee Tremont Crossing) | Roxbury

    I think Boston Public Schools should take advantage of this site to build a new O'Bryant school/ campus with multiple structures instead of renovating the old one on Malcolm Blvd. It was an interesting building for its time (1983?) but not energy efficient and difficult to renovate with the...
  5. dhawkins

    General Infrastructure

    I'm sure it will take 10 years to over excavate and remove bad soil and remove any contaminated soil, bring in tons of gravel, set all the drainage structures, and set 3 layers of concrete and pavement just under the viaduct! Better to make sure the existing span stays in place before something...
  6. dhawkins

    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Sorry- Amtrak - I think the Chicago-to-Boston Lake Shore Limited with a stop in Springfield.
  7. dhawkins

    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    A couple years ago I stopped into the Palmer Mass railroad station restaurant. It's a H.H Richardson building with a great original interior with the open ceiling trusses and the like. The restaurant/ tavern had the usual New England menu. It looks like the name has changed but it seems to be...
  8. dhawkins

    Wentworth Mixed-Use Life Sciences Complex | 500 Huntington Ave | Fenway

    I always thought of it as Wentworth's front lawn. It's actually kind of cool in a way that a piece of green lasted since 1899. It should be interesting to see what they dig up. From early maps it looks like a ropeworks factory so hopefully nothing too toxic in the soil. And I assume if they dig...
  9. dhawkins

    Open Space | Turnpike Parcel 21 | Chinatown

    To start there should be a real effort to allow these developments to have a reduction in the amount of required parking for housing and businesses in these towers because otherwise these projects are not going to be very street friendly frontage. The huge Clarendon St /Hancock garage at Copley...
  10. dhawkins

    "Dirty Old Boston"

    60 State Street
  11. dhawkins

    Open Space | Turnpike Parcel 21 | Chinatown

    East Milton just recently renovated this type of park spanning over rt 93. The park is in the middle of two lanes of major traffic on all sides so it does not look too inviting but it is better than an open canyon. 7 million to water proof, set new curbs and plantings, new signal system, paving...
  12. dhawkins

    Brookline Infill and Small Developments

    Coolidge Corner Theater expansion. The brick was changed from white in the rendering to a roman brick color. I think the color change is disappointing but the undulating brick patterns work is amazing! The cut steel to form the wave in the wall looks a little pricey$$ The weld on that...
  13. dhawkins

    The New Retail Thread

    How did Taco Bell sneak into Coolidge Corner?
  14. dhawkins

    Freight and General New England RR News

    Between this and the kibosh on the Lowell extension to Nashua and beyond it really seems like someone in NH is really putting tax dollars used in public transportation under a microscope.
  15. dhawkins

    Flickr Finds & Social Media Pics

    Move the jail to a repurposed Hurley Bldg. The court would be the yard.
  16. dhawkins

    If You Were God/Goddess | Transit & Infrastructure Sandbox

    It was supposed to be more of a napkin sketch of "how to grow Boston's underutilized suburban deserts by expanding public transportation". I'll stay in the crazy pitches since there is no supporting numbers to this effort.
  17. dhawkins

    Commuter Rail to New Hampshire?

    Is there a reply emoji for "reluctantly agree"?
  18. dhawkins

    If You Were God/Goddess | Transit & Infrastructure Sandbox

    I keep seeing extending T service out to the burbs. How about densifying Dorchester, Roslindale and Mattapan? If the red line can be extended to Alwife, this could be reasonable. But I put it here instead of reasonable pitches because building tunnels$ just doesn't seem feasible these days...
  19. dhawkins

    Boynton Gateway | 495 Columbia Street | Somerville

    Sometimes they are but I don't think so in this case. The opening in the foundation indicates it will be removed.
  20. dhawkins

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    In the "bendy". No advertising on the T these days?