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    Stadium & Riverwalk | Tidewater Landing | Pawtucket

    Even if a stadium does not get built, the site remediation for future development has been completed. As for soccer, I would think the recent rumors that the Revs might get a stadium in Everett by the casino would be beneficial for any possible future RI soccer franchise. Gillette Stadium in...
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    Pawtucket-Central Falls MBTA Commuter Rail Station | Pine and Barton Streets | Pawtucket

    The site for this 180 unit residential project is literally right next to the parking lot for the new Pawtucket MBTA Commuter Train Station. 258 Pine Street used to have an old mill building that was across from Armando's Market. It had a fire in 2018 and was demolished in 2020. I had thought...
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    195 Providence Innovation & Design District

    Took some photos today of the progress on the river walk on the west side. This extension will connect the park by the Van Leesten Pedestrian Bridge to Point Street going along the river behind the parking garage, South Street Power Station Complex (Brown/URI/RIC), and River House student...
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    Providence developments

    Photo Progress Update on two new Brown University dorms on the East Side - 250 Brook Street and Danoff Hall (259 Brook Street) near the intersection with Power Street. Designed for upper-division students, these five-story residence halls will feature two-, three-, and four-bedroom suites...
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    The only routes to the top of the hill from Boynton Street now appear to be the long walk by the Skull Tomb with two sets of stairs that bring you out to the front door side of Boynton, The switchback road by the Skull Tomb, Unity Hall internal stairs and elevators, and the stairs by...
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    I looked for them as lived near Institute and Boynton for three years and trudged up them frequently. Had to also use them for the computer center (WACCC) back in my day as it was located on a lower level of Gordon Library. These stairs and their wide slate treads are gone with no current...
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    I visited my alma mater WPI's newest academic building, Unity Hall in early January. It is built into the hill above Boynton Street. Its location was somewhat constroverisal as it blocked the view of at least one of the TWO TOWERS, the Washburn Shops. WPI's motto Lehr und Kunst basically...
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    Hope Point Tower (Fane) | 250 Dyer Street | Providence

    I never quite understood all the hysterical anti Hope Point Tower NIMBYism. A city like Providence needs development and its associated increase of tax revenues. This tower was proposed for the downtown core and not in an historic part of the the city. I however am not surprised that it...
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    Pawtucket-Central Falls MBTA Commuter Rail Station | Pine and Barton Streets | Pawtucket

    A footbridge seems silly when much of Barton Street right by the station is closed to traffic because of its poor condition. How then could a footbridge few would ever use be justified over repairing a street bridge that would see traffic? Google Maps Note the barriers on Barton Street near...
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    Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

    The Bruce Freeman Trail is one of the few major trails in MA that I have not ever done. Will have to look at it again. One of the issues dissuading me from it in the past was that its one-time southern end in Carlisle had no parking. I have done most of the other MA trails - Cape Cod Canal...
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    Freight and General New England RR News

    Did not know where to post this. It appears that the long vacant decaying former Pawtucket and Central Falls Depot that sits above three tracks used by Amtrak, MBTA Commuter Rail, and the Providence & Worcester Railroad (freight) appears headed toward demolition. It was built after the tracks...
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    Pawtucket-Central Falls MBTA Commuter Rail Station | Pine and Barton Streets | Pawtucket
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    Providence Aerials

    They are from the collection of the Providence Public Library.
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    Providence developments

    Brown's new Lindemann Performing Arts Center is nearing completion. I took this photo of it Friday 03/03/2023:
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    Ode to Brutalism

    Another local example of the Brutalist Style - The Goddard Library at Clark University in Worcester built in 1969
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    116 Waterman Street | E. Side Providence

    Preliminary plan approved by the Providence City Plan Commission
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    Hive Life Residences | 203 Westminster Street | Providence

    The proposal to develop the former Providence Journal Building and adjacent building that once housed Kresge's is apparently still alive as the developers are asking for a new tax subsidy plan. The owners had originally wanted to convert these properties into a Hotel Hive but changed course...
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    Providence Aerials

    There had been a post which has since been deleted asking about the large building on Sabin Street near LaSalle Square in the old photo above where the Amica Mutual Pavilion (PPC/DDC) is now located. Here it is:
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    Providence Aerials

    A view of downtown Providence looking westward taken from up above the East Side neighborhood. No date given but I would guess sometime in the 1940's.
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    Providence Aerials

    Aerial view of Providence looking south. No date was referenced but I would guess is was sometime circa 1940 give or take a few years.