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    West Cambridge / Alewife Area Infill & Small Developments

    ^ That has been painfully slow. At times I've questioned if the money had dried up..
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    The Flatiron Building just sold for $190M in an old-fashioned style bidding war on the steps of Manhattan County Courthouse.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Something strange is going on with the TransitMatters data, no? Mar 9 would be when the speed restrictions were announced, slightly under 20 minutes, then it jumps to >80, then back down to ~20 through today... I wasn't really paying attention to the speeds today - I can usually tell by the...
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    I would venture the "idea" is serious but it's being explored by the City of Boston, and their web page notes they'll be relying upon the MBTA and other agencies to follow through on implementation of the study's findings, so there's not much weight behind this.. If it was an MBTA study...
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    Commonwealth Pier Revitalization (née Seaport WTC)| 200 Seaport Boulevard | Seaport

    Anyone have a guess as to if this is still on track? From the start, this was set up to be a 4-year long project. Not sure I was expecting this much more facade work 3 years in...
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Boarding at Ball Square this morning, a little later than my normal commute, the train was already pretty full. Most seats were taken, and certainly all of them were after Ball; I stood the entire way in. It was also noticeably slowing down at switches.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    I honestly didn't notice much of a difference from Ball to Science Park. I might just be immune to impacts from slower service, though.
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    🔷 Open Thread

    SVB advertised they bank for nearly half of 2022 venture-backed tech and life sciences/healthcare companies. Unclear how many Boston-area life sciences places may bank with them, but it could pose some risk here... From what I've heard, it sounds like it's going to be wait-and-see, and see if...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    What is the logic in dissolving the MBTA? What would be different in the new org that replaces the 6,000 current employees that wouldn't be possible through some strategic changes with the current setup? Items for Governor/MBTA: Build a real Management Board that has accountability tied to it...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Unsafe operators, or the DPU is ordering more safety inspections systemwide as a result of their findings here, and ordered speed restrictions across the board until they are cleared.
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    ???????? All lines have 10-25 MPH speed restrictions placed on them following a DPU visit to track between Ashmont and Savin Hill... Edit: Press Briefing tomorrow at 10AM..
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Chris Friend (part of TransitMatters) debunked this on Twitter. The City of Boston themselves noted that it's more of a 20% increase than a 100+% increase. GBH used some quite flawed analysis.
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Unless I am missing a major part of this bill, I don't have any hopes here.. There's definitely some irony in this being posted directly after JeffDowntown's post about lack of funding tied to mandates. It mandates MassDOT starts CONSTRUCTION (!) by November 1, 2023(!) - an insane deadline for...
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    Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    This core has been up for a while now. Not sure what the hold up is... I presume the lack of windows on the side is in anticipation of another development down the road, on either side.
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    401 Park Drive (née Landmark Center) | Fenway

    The rationale is primarily an excel sheet that the developer then uses to tell the architect the only thing that's going to sell and make us money is a large floor plate. It's also the developer's lack-of-will (and Samuel's is a really good developer at that) to deter from the pro-forma, since...
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    Certainly seems like it's on track!
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    Something strange about the wording. It's not going to be certified by the sound of it, just "use passive house design." Also, if I recall correctly, only the office is passive (or the other way around).
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    Allston LabWorks | 250, 280 and 305 Western Avenue | Allston

    Jeez, marketing budget's bigger than the design budget.... All kidding, 305 Western Ave isn't too bad of a design, to be honest.