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  1. WormtownNative

    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    Not a bad idea, but let's extend the west terminus to Tatnuck proper, and not just Worcester State. The other issue is that the WRTA is just abysmal. If you just fix the frequencies, you might not even need this proposed BRT setup.
  2. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Proposed apartment building at 111 Austin St. Currently a vacant lot. Full architectural packet HERE
  3. WormtownNative

    Worcester Kelley Square

    You could argue that they have not figured out how to drive either....
  4. WormtownNative

    Public Art in Worcester

    Most of these murals (and more!) were done as part of POW! WOW! Worcester over several years. Sadly, Pow Wow has gone away as they moved to other cities, but the impact they had in such a short amount of time was nothing less than amazing. And are we sure Turtleboy counts as art?
  5. WormtownNative

    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Honest question, what would it take, legally? I thought NNEPRA was a Maine state agency? And if that's the case, are we approaching Amtrak's territory with interstate travel?
  6. WormtownNative

    Heat Pumps vs Gas Pipelines

    Only problem is that heat pumps become less efficient the colder it gets (most stop working around 0 degrees F or a little below that, but are horribly inefficient at that point), so until that gets fixed, there's going to be a need for another heating system - whether it be NG, Propane, Oil, or...
  7. WormtownNative

    Worcester Reactory Biopark

    A couple photos of the WuXi Biologics building and Parcel D (?) being prepped.
  8. WormtownNative

    Table Talk Lofts | Washington Street | Worcester

    A few drone shots of the project:
  9. WormtownNative

    Madison Properties Development | Madison Street | Worcester

    A few drone shots of the project as of today: Parking garage is also complete, and looks like one site next to it is prepped. Without remembering the plan's details, I want to say that there is a building planned for the front of this garage (where the parking is currently)?
  10. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    A few photos of the 383 Shrewsbury Street project. (The old General Machine Screw Products building)
  11. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Next up, the UMass Chan Medical School's new research building:
  12. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Went around town this morning with my drone and phone and grabbed a few photos of some of the projects that are in progress. First up, the MBTA Commuter Rail Station upgrades:
  13. WormtownNative

    Alta on the Row | Mulberry Street | Worcester (Mount Carmel Site)

    Took a quick spin around the city this morning and tossed my drone up for a few shots of some of the projects in progress. First, some shots of the Alta on The Row site.
  14. WormtownNative

    225 Shrewsbury Street | Worcester

    Wow. The only critiques I have is that it would be nice to have some additional floors to help with the housing crunch, but I'm not complaining. This is perfect in-fill at the perfect spot. The only other thing I think I'd prefer to see is the parking lot they're planning to build next to the...
  15. WormtownNative

    44 Grafton Street | Worcester

    This is amazing - Build it yesterday! Also, in the back of that packet is the info about the car stacker system. If approved, I believe this would be the first such system in Central Mass, not just in Worcester.
  16. WormtownNative

    General Infrastructure

    My understanding is that they were originally going to be used for tunnel fire protection, but there was some issues between MassPort and Boston about which FD was going to staff them. In the end, Boston FD handles it from their current stations. I believe they're now used by DOT.
  17. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    I'm in total agreement. Worcester doesn't need flashy architecture projects. It needs infill and projects that activate and stimulate the neighborhoods - things that make the city livable and less looking less desolate. Just because most of our recent developments aren't big and sexy doesn't...
  18. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Development doesn't need to be sexy. It just needs to work for the city. Are some of these designs meh? Yeah, they're fairly boilerplate. But I'll take "meh" and occupied and redeveloped over vacant/abandoned buildings that are crumbling and parking lots.
  19. WormtownNative

    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Possible bad take: I don't care what they put in as long as they open the street back up. There's no reason it should be blocked off like it is.
  20. WormtownNative

    Alta on the Row | Mulberry Street | Worcester (Mount Carmel Site)

    The crane for this was being assembled today. Didn't see much else besides more site prep.