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  1. cadetcarl

    Boston Landing | New Balance Complex | Brighton

    This sucks. It wouldn't have cost that much more to do something even a little interesting with the paneling like the King Open School across the river.
  2. cadetcarl

    Design a better Grand Theft Auto: Boston

    Agreed, really any part of the Leverett Connector feels like a video game if you have clear lanes and know what you're doing. For more seat-of-the-pants experiences I humbly submit: The pure death-defying thrill of going over the blind crown of the Fresh Pond Pkwy at Huron Ave not knowing if...
  3. cadetcarl

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    Fading over time might not be so bad. I'm thinking of the Porter Square mobile which is a gentle pink now but one which my brain insists on interpreting as red. Either way, the canopies will remain red at the underside which is what people will see up close.
  4. cadetcarl

    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    I know it's a lab but is this the tallest 10-story building of all time?
  5. cadetcarl

    Midtown Hotel Redevelopment | 220 Huntington Avenue | Back Bay

    If we might return to the topic of the thread--or a little ways back--I'd like to offer a maybe-controversial opinion: We stand a better chance of getting a good end product if they refine the massing and materiality a little bit rather than trying to go for that broken-up "pretend it's four...
  6. cadetcarl

    Prism Apts. | 50 Rogers St | Kendall Square | Cambridge

    I think our commentary here points to an overall success. But since we're all nitpicking: I like the coloring overall, though I think the wood tone is a little bright. I do not like the pattern on the juliet balcony railings, would have preferred simple steel pickets. The impression I get is...
  7. cadetcarl

    Evolving use of Office and other Space

    Thanks BP7. I think this puts the flex model in its most attractive light and makes so much sense as to be inevitable.
  8. cadetcarl

    Evolving use of Office and other Space

    All of these models present their own challenges and advantages, so I'm glad companies are looking at offering them as options rather than prescribing them. Full-time WFH is untenable except for a handful of industries, and even then there are no perfect silos. I work in a design-industry job...
  9. cadetcarl

    What was Boston like before GPS?

    I learned the city (and all of Eastern MA) by navigating from the passenger seat for my mom as a kid using the big Metro Boston road atlas. She was and remains horrible with directions but as a kid in a new city (I immigrated here as a young child) I couldn't get enough of it all. It's no...
  10. cadetcarl

    Regional New England Rail (Amtrak & State DOT & NEC)

    I agree with the consensus here that the livery isn't quite working. It's not ugly per se, but folks are accurately connecting the blue-and-white stripes--and I would add their relationship to the cadence of the windows--to designs of a bygone era and I don't think that was the design intent. I...
  11. cadetcarl

    Hotel and Residential Development | 20 Inner Belt Road | East Somerville

    There's nothing natural about it; you're just describing the American taxonomy as you slide up by density/cost. It's "natural" in the sense that it's the one we have, but there are other parts of the world where this isn't the case. To say nothing of the fact that we are not bound to travel...
  12. cadetcarl

    10 World Trade | BGI Office Tower (Massport Parcel A2) | Seaport

    I like the architectural gestures on the building but the massing sucks. There are only so many shades of lipstick you can put on a squat box.
  13. cadetcarl

    Penny per mile odometer tax

    Skimmed back through this discussion and maybe I missed the mechanism for inter-jurisdiction trips--apologies if I did: If my only VMT for a tracking period were a round trip to, say, NYC, then I traveled ~400 mi. total but only 130 mi. in MA, the two 65 mi. legs of the Pike and 84. I think it...
  14. cadetcarl

    Exchange South End ( Boston Flower Exchange) | Albany Street | South End

    This will of course be a false signal, as that will have been true for miles and miles by then.
  15. cadetcarl

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    This case isn't a great example because I think we all agree it would have been a minimal add, but...yes, in general? New York is a bigger city in a bigger state with a bigger budget. And it does have more lines and more tourists so the argument that they minimize confusion has a lower hurdle to...
  16. cadetcarl

    Boston's economic growth needs to be slowed. Brookings

    Unfortunately, there's no straightforward way to create this kind of activity in places where it doesn't already exist. It's not as simple as dropping a new university campus or lab in the middle of nowhere. The cities that are winning have the infrastructure to support this rare class of...
  17. cadetcarl

    State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

    With respect, you've been "just asking questions" despite a number of considered responses to your query, with a notable consensus.
  18. cadetcarl

    Hilton Garden Inn | 700 Brookline Ave | Brookline

    Loving this glazing. Finally some frit so we have more to talk about than just the color of the glass.
  19. cadetcarl

    Everett Infill and Small Developments

    This is just the kind of big ugly thing that we need a million more of around town.