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    Car stuff from Florida. Hit up both the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum and Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Also encountered a car show while at Daytona, the FLA hot rod scene is eclectic to say the least.
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    Disney (yes, Disney)

    "Disney" gets thrown around as a pejorative in these types of circles. The idea that a piece of architecture is inauthentic or too grandiose, or maybe too cheap and corporate. After seeing WDW with fresh eyes after last being there 20 years ago, I'm now inclined to say that this usage is an...
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    🔷 Open Thread I don't go to Fenway enough (haven't been there in a decade) to hold an opinion either way.
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    So can students cut up through Union or do they need to head to Fuller to go up the stairs there? And why do I care so much about an experience I had for 2 years in life that I will never have again?
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Did it finally replace those awful stairs by the library that you had to double up to get to class on time from Founders?
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVII (2023)

    So Granite Links is where the local Thunderdome is...I'll keep that in mind.
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    Better MBTA Station Names

    Brattle Loop stated my thoughts better than I could have. I have no strong objection to renaming stations except that the names themselves act as tools to commuters and travelers, and any replacement name really needs to be another landmark or geographical signifier rather than be some honorary...
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    I really like this plan just because I know how ridiculous the crowding on Southie buses is during rush hour right now. Both Broadways and Dorchester St. have more than enough room for light rail, and it would be a huge boon to the neighborhood.
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    CambridgeSide Galleria under construction in 1990 from and
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    Other People's Rail: Amtrak, commuter rail, rapid transit news & views outside New England

    At least the T hasn't screwed up like this:
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    CambridgeSide Galleria Reno/Redev | First Street | East Cambridge

    Man I hope they never get rid of the main entrance to the Galleria from the Canal.
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    Lego HQ Moving to Boston

    They have one already - Lego House in Billund. Though an American one in Boston would definitely be a hit. I'd love to see a full chronological physical timeline of sets.
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    Boston Landing | New Balance Complex | Brighton

    C'mon, New Balance, throw up some K-rails and catchfencing in there and let's run some TQ midgets.
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    Boston in the Movies / TV / Netflix

    Thank you for this! I don't have any desire to watch this but I was curious as to how Boston was depicted. Still more accurate than Boondock Saints, at least.
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    There's SEVEN sororities now? It was just AGD and Phi Sig when I was there, and that was only 15 years ago. I should see what the campus looks like at some point, I haven't really been back on it in over a decade.
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVII (2023)

    I will always love how grandiose Alewife and it's ilk are, especially considering how it's just a glorified parking garage.
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    WBZ-TV/CBS Studio Development Project | 1170-2000 Soldiers Field Road | Allston

    I hope they call the residential component The Schwoegler.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Spitballing here, but my gut says hazardous material, especially if they've placed a barrier on it. If the station had lead paint, it's probably been leeching into the ground for years, along with many other nasty things. The cleanup for that is expensive and can be a rabbit hole if soil...