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    South Station Tower | South Station | Downtown

    I keep looking at the renders of this featureless, bald bullet and, boy are some folks going to be disappointed...........
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    Wentworth Dorm | 630 Huntington Ave | Fenway

    Looks like a very non-dorm looking building that they could turn around and sell at a nice profit down the road, though........Which may be part of the motivation if they need to consolidate in the future. .
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    He sure does love projectile themed posternames. .
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    Wentworth Dorm | 630 Huntington Ave | Fenway

    If I squint, I can almost see a streetwall beginning to form there on Huntington!!!!! Love it.
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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    That may also be a factor of the computer graphics. There's a whole slew of difference between those two sets - not the least being the total sweeping of any visible life (human, auto, pet, trees etc) and bleaching of the roads/sidewalks in the second set. I'm going to go Pollyanna here and...
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    Survey of what new waterfront buildings are doing to prepare for rising sea levels

    It's now up to 919 comments. It's almost one Whighlander post (with the exception of being relevant). .
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    Lobby Renovation/Addition | 175 Federal Street | Financial District

    As I'm looking at this, and given that is directly facing Dewey Square/South Station, the thought hit me that this would be a great location for a local TV news studio - - a la the glass window/store front vistas on the Today Show/ Good Morning America, etc........
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    Hotel Project (Current Shell Station) | 1241 Boylston St | Fenway

    Anyone driving a gas guzzling car in 5 years will deserve the prices they get. .
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    The Alcott (née Garden Garage Towers) | 35 Lomasney Way | West End

    It's a TERRIBLE promotional pic. Did they use a view from 2012?????? Many prominent buildings that exist today (the two Hub towers) are missing or are completely different looking (Avalon). They could have simply done a render of the Alcott in downtown anywhere.
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    BU Data Sciences Center | 665 Commonwealth Avenue | BU Central

    Yeah, but only 13 have been on-topic, so you should show Gameguy proper respect.......... .
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    US2 Redevelopment | Union Square | Somerville

    Not as much as the Dunkies did - - think about the affect on their bottom line there???? The franchise owner's revenue at that location just increased 30% with this developement. Of course, if they're renting, their rent probably multiplied.. .
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    Please stop.

    Done. Thank you so much!
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    Please stop.

    He won't. And the mods obviously won't step in. I see there is an "Ignore " function in the Preferences area, but every time I go there it just says that I have no one on ignore and gives no visual option to add someone. Does anyone have the directions for using this function so I can...
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XIV (2020)

    You're fortunate to have been there - - for me, it reminded me of the final credits scene in Lost in Translation ........ (starting at 3:21) BTW, thank you to Subdivisions for adding that great pic from a vantage point we don't get to see very much!
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    Now THIS is a different example of a poster............... .
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    I hear ya. In my case, F-Line's answers to my questions were exceptionally informative, I learned much from them and they were very much appreciated. I think F-Line's a great resource, stays on subject and I'm learning a lot from the posts. I'm very grateful for the non-confrontational tone...
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    Let's Talk About Gentrification...

    Holy crap😱 isn’t there ANYONE in your life who can pay you a moment’s attention and save us from this ongoing needy emotional release of yours?
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    Thanks, F-Line for the detailed answer. As always, much to review and digest, but always great insight. .
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    OK, thanks for the answer. I had been under the impression that NSRL would take a lot of the non-revenue turn-around and "overnighting" Amtrak stock out of that area and around North Station (perhaps to be stored in less congested areas north and south of the city).