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    The New Retail Thread More coverage of the hearing. The NIMBY arguments are pathetically priceless. They claim concern about the welfare of the 1,000 freshman at Emerson living in the building and being subjected to the late night...
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    The New Retail Thread

    The Midtown Park Plaza Neighborhood Association has been around for at least 2 decades (They fought against Silver Line III, for example). I don't know anything about their web presence, but they definitely show up at meetings. They represent residents in buildings like the Ritz Towers, One...
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    MIT New 450-bed Residence Hall | 121 Vassar St. | Cambridge

    I believe the exterior envelope and firestop ratings all jump around 7 stories. I could be wrong though.
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    MIT New 450-bed Residence Hall | 121 Vassar St. | Cambridge

    I suspect they capped the height based on fire code (I could be wrong, of course). There is essentially a height area that is impractical to build, based on construction costs due to code requirement jumps. You either build 6 or under, or over 10. Rarely in between.
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    South Station Tower | South Station | Downtown

    Also buildings in the Seaport/Fort Point that span highway -- 15 Necco will have to contend with the 1-90 tunnel, I believe. (Or is it the Gillette lot next door?)
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    National Development Tower | 323-345 Dorchester Ave | South Boston

    National Development seems to have a very conservative payback model for urban developments. They never seem to use the available zoning height or FAR. (Witness the Ink Block, and now here.)
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    South Station Tower | South Station | Downtown

    Question: Aren't the Mass Pike parcels between Back Bay and Ink Block jurisdictionally complex? Don't MassDOT, MBTA, Keolis, Amtrak and BPDA all have a say?
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    South Station Tower | South Station | Downtown

    I think what the slow pace of the SST (and various Turnpike air rights parcels) shows is that we really don't know the formula to make air rights work. They are complicated, often cutting across multiple jurisdictions (rights owners), and we have not managed to streamline the process to get...
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    Amtrak NEC, Downeaster, Acela, & Long Distance

    I may be misinterpreting this, but the new Acela locomotive does not appear particularly aerodynamically designed. It seems to have a lot of turbulence generation points. Also the interface between the locomotive and first car is not aligned for aerodynamics? Is Acela so slow that they just...
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    Lobby Renovation/Addition | 175 Federal Street | Financial District

    Hum.... I am not sure what you are seeing in the BCDC presentation that suggests "mural up the cantilevers". I see one piece of ground level artwork on the facade facing High Street. The existing cantilever angles (to become interior) are called out as keeping their existing precast panel.
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    Thie delay certainly does not look good. I suspect there is an argument underway about who is paying for the replacement panels (much more costly in small quantity, plus installation), with lots of finger pointing among all the involved parties. Were they broken on-site by mishandling? Were...
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    Effectively they are -- as in room service and catering from the hotel kitchen and staff. That is part of the draw of these hotel/condo combinations, luxury hotel services throughout the building.
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    That seems unlikely. Glass curtain wall panels are typically designed for totally independent installation/removal. The panel systems had a really complex supply chain. Restarting that has to be a pain, particularly for a relatively small number of panels.
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    Parcel P-12 | 286-290 Tremont St | Chinatown

    Actually I believe the final Phase III plan had moved the portal, because of objections from Tufts Medical Center (turning SL buses navigating a portal entrance, adding to the mayhem on Washington Street right at the medical center emergency entrance.). I believe the final proposal had the...
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    Northeastern University - Institutional Master Plan

    Sometimes all we have a parcel designations, there is no name, no address yet, etc. Examples: MassDOT Parcel 25 -- partial air rights. No way to know whether the developer will give the site a Kneeland Street (likely) or Albany Street address -- it fronts on both and building design could...
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    I have to think implementing true Spanish Solution pedestrian flow at Park on the Red Line platforms would go a long way to easing dwell time penalties there. Or are Americans simply too clueless to be directionally herded as pedestrians? Can't help you with DTX or SS.
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    I think you just describe some of the southside BRT Urban Ring proposals, which should include connectivity to West Station and Harvard. (North Side Urban RIng hopefully will be LRV.)
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    Parcel P-12 | 286-290 Tremont St | Chinatown

    This is a great example of: "Public Land for Public Good" the planning mantra in Chinatown. Basically working hard to convince BPDA (and MassDOT) that publicly owned parcels (from the urban renewal bulldozing days) should be developed with a significant component of public good outcomes, not...
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    Parcel 25 | Kneeland St | Chinatown

    I actually think Parcel 25 alone is the easier parcel to sell. Decent size for a downtown parcel. Limited amount of air rights encumbrance. No steam plant to deal with. No public park to deal with. No existing MassDOT building to deal with. No thru-access to Parcel 27 to deal with.
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    Parcel P-12 | 286-290 Tremont St | Chinatown

    Note sure how a combination aids a Silver Line Tunnel (which is never happening in the previous Phase III form). But this development is lightly combined with the Don Bosco building in that the Doubletree Hotel (which is what the Don Bosco building is today) is expanding into several floors of...