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  1. Scott

    Banned Users

    Don't get all heroic. These mods can be pretty brutal!
  2. Scott

    Banned Users

    ^Yes, I know. I dont think Johnnyrocket is O but he "doth protest too much" so I was just giving him the business
  3. Scott

    Banned Users

    Fifty bucks says he comes back as Johnnyrocket892
  4. Scott

    Banned Users

    Data, you don't need to twist what I was saying in order to make a point. My fear is that we turn into where you can be banned for mearly saying the word "bus." However, I generally don't read what Mr. O posts because it is usually just a long-winded opinion piece with little factual...
  5. Scott

    Banned Users

    So the forum was "lightly moderated" and got along just fine for almost 20 years until now. I wonder why that is.
  6. Scott

    Thank you WAAF

    WAAF "CRANK IT UP!" used to broadcast exclusively from Worcester. I once asked my if it would be possible for us to move there. As a kid I would go up on the roof, find the perfect spot, and aim my antenna westward. Another good station was 94.5 WCOZ- "KICK-ASS ROCK AND ROLL" from the early 70s...
  7. Scott

    Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    Oh Sumah-ville, my Sumah-ville! The people here are pissah!
  8. Scott

    Boston Money Museum

    The coin dealer Colonial Trading Co. is on the first floor. However I am curious and it is free. I heard a pod cast on about why the colony was minting silver though it was technically illegal. It would be cool if they had some significant currency from that era.
  9. Scott

    Washington Village | Andrew Square | South Boston

    Lets pick that nit. Curbed cannot be absolutely proven wrong. Nobody knows where Dorchester ends and Southie begins. However it is safe to say this is in South Boston despite Washington Village being founded as part of Dorchester. In Boston, only Charlestown and East Boston have undisputed...
  10. Scott

    Mmmm... Pizza (Discuss Your Favorite Slice)

    I always liked Papa Ginos sauce. When I was a kid there was a Papa Ginos in Mattapan Square where we could sit and watch the guy make pizza after pizza. Now it is a big chain and the pizzas are often made by teenagers
  11. Scott

    Massachusetts College of Art and Design - Center for Design+Media | Fenway

    According to WBUR MAAM opens Feb. 22nd with three exhibits. "MassArt’s Art Museum or MAAM, the city’s newest free contemporary art museum, which will hold no permanent collection but will rotate a variety of contemporary exhibits in an array of mediums."
  12. Scott

    Mod Bait (at your own risk)

    Cleaning up is one thing. Taking a my way or the highway attitude toward long-time members who have contributed (in some cases) for 2 decades is arrogant and destructive to the institutional knowledge of this forum
  13. Scott

    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    No Name Restaurant on the Fish Pier (circa 1917) has closed. No more grouchy wait staff and no more fish chowder
  14. Scott

    Northeast Multi-state gas (carbon) tax

    That is called a false choice
  15. Scott

    Long Island Bridge

    I didn't specify housing. However, I think the best place for people who need services is near those services not on an island a half hour away from an ER. Millions were spent every year on ambulances taking people on and off the island, it was a huge waste of resources.
  16. Scott

    Long Island Bridge

    Is the view beautiful? Yes. Are the facilities ancient and decayed? Yes. The real cost of this project only begins with the bridge, and Marty Walsh knows that. He just wants a bridge and helping the homeless is his justification. So is he helping the homeless or using the homeless? I think the...
  17. Scott

    Northeast Multi-state gas (carbon) tax

    No way, Jose. The city and state have taken in more money than ever. There are no deficits. There is also no guarantee where the money will go. The taxpayer is not an ATM machine
  18. Scott

    Dorchester Infill and Small Developments

    Not just Dorchester but the Fields Corner one says 36 units. Uphams Corner is another possibility
  19. Scott

    North Quincy Station Redevelopment | Quincy

    A lot of housing has also been built nearby on Hancock st. The whole Norfolk Downs neighborhood looks so much more urban.
  20. Scott

    🔹 What's Happening With Project X?

    I swear I saw a proposal of a facility built into a slope in a heavily landscaped park. The footbridge over Storrow is right there so this could potentially be a transformative project