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    NYC Architecture and Development

    The old downtown is a 5 min walk , Tarrytown is a 10min walk..a bigger headache would be getting to a grocery store or fighting through the Downtown Traffic.
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    If You Were God/Goddess | Transit & Infrastructure Sandbox

    Here's my fantasy idea for Intercity & Regional rail in New England Core Upgrades Build a North-South Tunnel in Boston Build a new Inland High Speed line via New I-91/84/90 ROW : New Haven – Hartford – Worcester – Boston up to 180mph Fully Electrify the MBTA Commuter Rail...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    25 North Lexington in Downtown White Plains , taken last October Rendering Next Block over Hamilton Green under construction...
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    New Haven - The Gateway to the Knowledge Corridor

    Replaced the old dead photos with new ones from my recent trip back in mid April and a few past trips East Rock Park Prospect Hill Yale University Downtown
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    Stamford - Downtown Projects and construction

    One of Stamford's last vacant downtown lots could become a 2-building, seven-story apartment complex STAMFORD — One of the city’s last vacant lots downtown could be on the verge of a major redevelopment creating hundreds of new apartments. Last week, the Planning Board voted...
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    New Haven

    Plans to develop Long Wharf into a park
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Rare view LIRR - M7 RFW Ride from Grand Central to Floral Park
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Soon to be joined by a cluster of high rises under construction.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    My Photos from Grand Central Madison taken a week after opening in the light service phase
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    South Norwalk - General Photos , Projects & Construction

    Governor Lamont Announces Start of Construction on the Walk Bridge Replacement Project in Norwalk
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    Nexis4Jersey's Photo Showcase

    Fresh post...its been a while. I replaced all the dead photos Princeton,New Jersey Princeton University Eating Clubs Campus Sculptures Downtown The Heart of the Campus
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Downtown New Rochelle Fast growing skyline
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    Other People's Rail: Amtrak, commuter rail, rapid transit news & views outside New England

    It's in a freeway row but how hard would it be to demolish that median and add a second track? I feel like that would be easier than the high desert corridor + tunneled route.
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    Stamford - Downtown Projects and construction

    I apologize for the Broken's a recent shot of Harborpoint Neighborhood from a passing Metro North train..
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    Posts being deleted?

    Verizon bought them , but recently they had a leak aswell.. But I moved to Smugmug last year and plan on shutting down my Flickr soon. Smugmug ticks all my boxes , and they have great customer service even at 2am.. My only complaint is that they don't have SSL for custom URLs , but that...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Took this yesterday from Jersey City
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    ArchBoston Awards

    He posted something a week or 2 ago? I think he lurks more these days like myself , rather then posting..
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    🔷 Open Thread

    Reading R/Boston , it seems people want him gone...
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    🔷 Open Thread

    Is Mayor walsh doing a good job or is he looking like a one termer...