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    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital | Navy Yard | Charlestown

    New accessible playground:
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    Downtown Crossing/Financial District | Discussion

    Agree. So many cities in Europe have charming pedestrian streets. Best example I can think of is Copenhagen.
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    You're All a Bunch of Socialist Baboons

    Re: Downtown Crossing When a two-year-old throws a tantrum, sometimes it's best to ignore it.
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    Avalon Exeter | 77 Exeter Street | Back Bay

    Re: New Tower(s) Planned For Prudential Center Come on, dude. Take it easy.
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    Architecture and Urban Poetry

    Re: Rose Kennedy Greenway On the median strip in February I'm chilled to the marrow. but I don't mind, as long as there's no shadow.
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    City Hall: #1 world's biggest eyesore?

    Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang: We should be perfectly happy with city hall...
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    Boston Common Overhaul

    A full-scale restaurant will occupy way more than .1% of the common. Unfortunately, there's only so much that can fit in. I still think it's a good idea, though, as it would help keep some unwanted activity out of the park. What I would do is give up the baseball field and plant some more trees...
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    I admire people like you, caravaggiste.
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    Just wondering: What does it take to get this issue up to the US supreme court?
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    Millennium Tower (Filene's) | 426 Washington Street | Downtown

    Re: Filene's Strange, the two articles have the same date.
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    Millennium Tower (Filene's) | 426 Washington Street | Downtown

    Re: Filene's Hynes and Vornado's $650m development secures financing for mixed-use project Boston, MA, The developer of the $650 million Filene's project has done the unthinkable in this global credit crisis: borrow money. After weeks of uncertainty about the...
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    Storrow Drive Talk

    Does anyone know if a decision has been made regarding traffic arrangements during the tunnel reconstruction?
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    Storrow Drive Talk

    Re: Copley Place plan calls for condo tower Does Storrow Drive serve any major purpose that the Pike does not? In some places they essentially overlap.
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    Robert Moses influence in Boston?

    Beautiful project, ptocco!
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    Downtown Crossing/Financial District | Discussion

    It kinda reminds me of the graffiti thread - anyone who prefers to see clean, safe streets is an elitist intellectual snob. Many cities would go a long way to have anything like Boston's "sterile" environment.
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    Downtown Crossing/Financial District | Discussion

    I wonder how Macy's and Borders survive in DTX. Clearly their clientelle is different from the teenagers in question.
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    My kids loved playing in the water during the summer. Don't understand what all the griping is about.
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    128 Project

    Storrow Drive is not exactly the last word in road safety...
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    128 Project

    Isn't there a HOV lane on the I-93? I'd love to see ones on I-90 and I-95.
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    128 Project

    Which 95/93 interchange are you talking about? There are two, one at the Blue Hills and the other in Woburn.