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    #bancars Point of Pines
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    Massachusetts State Flag (we need a better state flag)

    These kinda remind me of the Lebanese flag
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    Washington Plaza (Whole Foods Redevelopment) | 15 Washington St. | Brighton

    Melvin pharmacy, no?,+1558+Commonwealth+Ave,+Boston,+MA+02135/@42.3442884,-71.1420244,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x89e379b4f4297bdb:0xe50ffb1dd4f7eef9!8m2!3d42.3442884!4d-71.1420244!16s%2Fg%2F1tvm3sc9
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    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion

    Yeah, my experience with them may differ than others (duhh) especially since this was pre-pandemic (2019). But expect a level of service similar to Norwegian's former BOS to LGW flight. No frills, but not a miserable experience at all, Cheap ticket on a wide-body plane (no IFE on my flight with...
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    MassDOT Rail: Springfield Hub (East-West, NNERI, Berkshires, CT-Valley-VT-Quebec)

    FWIW, the PATH runs FRA compliant heavy rail subway cars (EMU's).
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    Freight and General New England RR News

    Or just not stop in New Hampshire at all
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    Davis Square Somerville Infill and Small Development

    @stefal ahhh gotcha, appreciate the info!
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    Davis Square Somerville Infill and Small Development

    Looks like dragon pizza is expanding. This is part of the parcel that is slated to be that lab, no?
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVI (2022)

    I guess I like the way this building sticks out
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    401 Park Drive (née Landmark Center) | Fenway

    Yes, pano in full effect.
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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    89 Brighton Ave 30 Penniman Rd?