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    The Ultility Poles and Wires of Portland, ME

    They are replacing the old ones, but it takes over 10 years to move the lines to the new pole and the old one will sit for another 10
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    General Portland Discussion

    Maine Public Broadcasting bought the Galt Block and the lot next to it. My assumption is that to raise capital to build the new building, was to sell the Galt Block to Olympia Development. Ryan Senatore is the Architect on the project. 35 & 29 were also grouped together for a text amendment.
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    Port of Portland | Working waterfront and future developments

    Looks like the Port Authority is going to build racks to store reefer units that can be hooked up to power units. Height will be 50ft
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    I am thinking its in the portland glass upper lot area
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    Time & Temp Building / Brown St. Parking Garage Redevelopment | Portland

    465 will have the new exterior stairwell. I am wondering if they will introduce windows facing the Library.
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    General Portland Discussion

    That's every infrastructure project that deals with Federal and state money. I-84 thru Hartford has been under construction for over 30 years. NH seems to be the only one that gets things done.
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    Herald Square | 385 Congress St | Portland

    Came across this. Construction start this month.
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    The Armature | 52 Hanover St | Portland

    Taken from Intermed
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    201 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Taken from Intermed Building
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    General Portland Discussion

    Is this door next to Gritys up to Par ?
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    Thompson's Point, Portland

    They should rename Thompson's Point - Millennial Point.... or Bissell Point They have Bissell Brothers where they can bring the kids in the stroller and sip over priced beer. Then head over to the childrens museum. awww priceless. Oh wait , okay kids lets kayak over to the point and enjoy the...
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    Portland International Jetport | PWM

    Breeze is up to 6 destinations. They have more planned which should demand more space. The jetport has submitted a plan to the City Council for its first reading to expand baggage and parking.
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    Thompson's Point, Portland

    The office building is still being marketed. I dont know if the hotel pics have changed. is there still plans to build housing and a parking garage?