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    Skyline & Aerial photos | Portland

    I see someone did a Google image search and browsed Wikipedia. To call Nashua a "polished up version of Lewiston" is very misleading. While it has intentionally kept its downtown low-rise, all of the mills along the river are now home to professional/tech companies or market rate lofts. It's the...
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    Nashua NH - New Development

    Bronstein Apartments housing project being replaced with a much larger complex. In an effort to assuage Nashua’s housing shortage, Monahan Manor Apartments will welcome its first wave of residents on Oct. 1. The Myrtle...
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    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    75 Canal St. Developer Jones Street Investment Partners plans 250 one-, two- and three-bedroom market-rate apartments and 2,000 square feet of commercial space, with a parking garage underneath. The 92,000-square-foot building will be constructed on the site of a former brick commercial...
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    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    The city's also going to develop the Hartnett Lot next to the library. This is the same developer as The Pearl and will be built after that. Current view: Building rendering:
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    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    There's definitely been some additions to the city approved recently, such as The Pearl. Developer Lansing Melbourne Group plans 366 apartments – a 314-apartment seven-story building on Pearl Street and a 52-unit six-story affordable housing complex along Orange Street that will be owned by...
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    Salem, NH

    Can't believe there's nothing here on Tuscan Village.
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    Skyline & Aerial photos | Portland

    You selected a photo of one intersection of the very northern end of downtown to show the city. Nashua is much larger. This isn't the prettiest shot but gives you a better idea of the size of the downtown area.