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    There is a problem with posting.

    I’ve seen it posting on iPad with chrome
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    MBTA Construction Projects

    Worcester second platform is in place
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    Table Talk Lofts | Washington Street | Worcester

    That sign appears to be a foot away from the construction
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    "Running time between the terminal was two hours and fifteen minutes; this was slower than Boston and Albany Railroad trains, but the B&W cost 40 cents versus the railroad's one-dollar fare. Service operated every half-hour, with short turn cars providing fifteen-minute frequency east of...
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    🔷 Open Thread

    This feels like not that long ago.
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    Worcester Reactory Biopark

    Fully embracing early 90’s office park esthetics:
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    Worcester Infill and Developments

    Coal Mine Brook Park recently opened at the east end of the East-West trail
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    Worcester Infill and Developments

    That block is a bright spot in Main South with cafe, bakery, barber shops and other small businesses thriving for 20-30 years. They will need to relocate and won’t return there. I know it’s adjacent to campus but I’d wish they’d look at the many acres of wilderness they recently purchased on...
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    MassDOT Rail: Springfield Hub (East-West, NNERI, Berkshires, CT-Valley-VT-Quebec)

    The article states that this improvement is more in line with the NNEIRI master plan. One could be facetious and point out that the cost would break down to $5.4 million for every minute of travel time gained for the current Amtrak service. To be considered as an MBTA extension I think the...
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    MassDOT Rail: Springfield Hub (East-West, NNERI, Berkshires, CT-Valley-VT-Quebec)

    $108 million federal grant request to remove bottlenecks between Worcester and Springfield, adding 23 miles of second passing tracks. “MassDOT estimates that...
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    Other People's Rail: Amtrak, commuter rail, rapid transit news & views outside New England

    Agreed, about the same density. Here is the project for the terminal at the new U4
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    Denholm Redevelopment | Worcester

    Another angle of the Menkiti master plan. There are some allegations about the business practices of one of the subcontractors. Ground level looks nice, the rest of the facade facing Main Street.. meh.source: wbjournal edit: added source
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    Worcester Infill and Developments

    It think the Denholm building is still slated for demolition, maybe the funds are for that? The current redevelopment proposals don’t include the structure.
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    MBTA Construction Projects

    Perhaps they’re mindful of preventing more negative staircase related PR.
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    Worcester Infill and Developments

    I’m happy that building is restored. I thought Menkiti had already owned it for a while. So many empty storefronts on Main Street, I hope they’ll get some good bars and restaurants into that area finally.
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    MBTA Construction Projects

    Worcester station second platform project is on schedule.