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  1. Java King

    Tobin Bridge Relocation/Replacement

    This is pretty cool. In my dream, it would contain: Wide Biking and Walking infrastructure Several Viewing platforms for pedestrians Iconic - City defining architecture/engineering (Such as Golden Gate Bridge in SF) Space for transit such as an Orange line spur to Chelsea? Light rail...
  2. Java King

    The New Retail Thread

    Wow, that's GREAT news if true. I loved that place.
  3. Java King

    One Lincoln (State Street Building)

    I was up there a few years ago for a technical conference/summit. It was really nice although a bit breezy. Software vendors were actually set up outside all along the paved path you see in the photos. It wasn't the best lighting for computer screens! So, many of us squeezed inside to the...
  4. Java King

    Boynton Gateway | 495 Columbia Street | Somerville

    Great progress and photos, but I sure hope they plan to bury some of those overhead wires!
  5. Java King

    Bulfinch Triangle rezoning

    I like this rendering, but I think North End residents would highly protest the proposed height.
  6. Java King

    The New Retail Thread

    I just don't get it. Friends has been off the air since 2004. There is no Boston connection within the show. However, if they have excellent coffee and food, then more power to them! If they are relying on the Friends TV Show for business, then I don't think this will last long as a...
  7. Java King

    Patriot Place | Foxboro

    I was just thinking that with the World Cup coming to Gillette (Boston Stadium) in 2026, it might be nice to have frequent and modern service between Foxboro and Boston for the thousands of fans attending.
  8. Java King

    Patriot Place | Foxboro

    This is all cool and nice, but what about spending some money to have full high-level platforms and a nice station at Gillette with frequent service?
  9. Java King

    MBTA Commuter Rail (Operations, Keolis, & Short Term)

    They didn't add any trains to Greenbush. I very much appreciate the effort to add later trains, however they just spaced them out with longer headways in the evening. Spring Schedule: New Fall Schedule: Wow! 2.5 hour headways after 6:23pm train. That's some major inconvenience gaps in...
  10. Java King

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    I remember that Ramada Inn! I never stayed there, but I think I had a drink at the lobby.
  11. Java King

    Scituate infill and small developments

    Events Calendar — Untold Brewing Octoberfest, September 16th at Untold Brewing. (Saturday) It's a 5-10 minute walk from the Greenbush Train Station, and Untold recommends parking at the T Station anyway since they have very limited parking. Skysail posted by @stick n move above is still...
  12. Java King

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    This image posted above sure shows a lot of wasted space in front of Terminal E. The airport shouldn't have a surface parking lot in the main terminal area in my opinion. There seems to be enough room for a another hotel. I wonder if that was ever considered?
  13. Java King

    Boston Skyline Photos

    Does anyone else hate Park Lane Seaport and the Renaissance hotel? I know they were Seaport pioneers when there was not much within the Seaport, but boy they are ugly in my opinion! It reminds me of cold-war USSR architecture.
  14. Java King

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    Nice view of the Seaport too! I see three tower cranes. The parcel across from the Convention Center is the far left. What are the two on the right? Amazon?
  15. Java King

    General Boston Discussion

    I don't have photos, sorry. However driving down I-93 into the city after spending several days up in Ogunquit, it was a very impressive skyline! Assembly Square Area and the Hood Business Park on the left, plus Cambridge Crossing on the right made a significant impression. (Encore Casino...
  16. Java King

    Assembly Square Infill and Small Developments | Somerville

    I really like what they are doing in this whole area, but the number of parking structures is insane! This parking structure looks huge, and then you have the Mass General garage, the several garages for the Assembly Row shopping center, plus the huge parking garage below the Montaje apartment...
  17. Java King

    Parcel P-12 | 286-290 Tremont St | Chinatown

    The Best part of the current proposal is the Pedestrian Passage with those circle art-pieces strung between the buildings. That could be really nice if it doesn't get value engineered. However, I'm not optimistic.
  18. Java King

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    The Delta lounge looks excellent, and I'm very happy to see the Delta international expansion at Terminal E. I wonder if there is any thought from Massport to provide a secure (Behind TSA Screening) Connection from Terminal A to Terminal E via a skybridge across Central parking or Airside...
  19. Java King

    Alexandra Hotel Renovation | 1769 Washington St | Roxbury

    It's interesting. The formal name of this hotel is the RESIDENCE INN BOSTON DOWNTOWN/SOUTH END However, they do have this description: FEEL RIGHT AT HOME...