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  1. Lrfox

    Patriot Place | Foxboro

    I don't think the crowd noise would be too problematic for residents. If those buildings were all residential, the closest would be over 900 feet away from the stadium. For comparison that's similar to the distance between Fenway Park and Timeout Market, the Kenmore MBTA station, and Queensbury...
  2. Lrfox

    Greystar | 35 Garvey Street | Everett

    I don't do it nearly as much as our forum regulars, but I've been asked why I'm photographing [insert building/project here] a number of times over the years. As a student, I learned a lot about my rights as a photographer (private, shooting for fun) by taking pictures of buildings, being...
  3. Lrfox

    The New Retail Thread

    Smoke Shop in Eastie has their license (this is from last week).
  4. Lrfox

    Lowell Infill and Small Developments

    I've been several times in the past few years and this has been my experience as well. Great bones, somehow still down and out feeling in spite of decades of pretty significant investment. We actually looked at a couple of really nice condos there during the pandemic (prices were favorable until...
  5. Lrfox

    Providence developments

    This building won't win awards, but the render (of the rear of the building) they went with above is pretty terrible. It actually has a human-scaled street level which adds new street wall. The mechanical "stuff" on the ground to the left of the building is actually already there, as are the...
  6. Lrfox

    New Bedford Developments

    A couple of New Bedford updates. The building slated for 117 Union St. finally broke ground this week. It'll be great improvement to that corner. On the other side of the coin, UMass Dartmouth is leaving downtown's Star Store. On one hand, it's hard to see the prominent structure remaining...
  7. Lrfox

    Beverly Developments

    The Beverly Beer Mile is a beer lover's dream.
  8. Lrfox

    Encore Boston Harbor Casino | 1 Broadway | Everett

    I went to Red 8 in the early days and it was pretty good. Overpriced for what it was, but good. I know a few people who prefer Rare to any of the other steakhouses in the region. I'm skeptical (and I also feel steak is one of the few things I can do better at home so I typically avoid overpriced...
  9. Lrfox

    The New Retail Thread

    That would make sense. It's a pretty valuable asset. Umbria has a pretty rough 3.5 star rating on Google, but closing less than a month after opening would be pretty surprising. Thanks, I read too quickly. Found this on the space. I'm glad to see its being occupied.
  10. Lrfox

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    I'm flying out of E tomorrow evening. I don't like to get to the gate before boarding starts, but tomorrow will be an exception.
  11. Lrfox

    The New Retail Thread

    Great stuff, thanks! Does anyone know what this means? Holder of an Common Victualler All-Alcoholic Beverages License has petitioned to Pledge the License to: Eagle Bank. It's related to Umbria Steak House in the North End which is pretty new. Does this mean they're giving up already? "Tir...
  12. Lrfox

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Maybe? I thought the T put in a concerted effort to be more transparent and specific about about stating reasons for delays/disruptions to service. So when I see a "disabled train" message, I always assume it's mechanical. I've seen "delays due to a passenger who has become ill" (paraphrasing -...
  13. Lrfox

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    I got a notification that OL service was delayed yesterday to a disabled train that needed to be taken out of service. Anyone have an idea of what happened? When I checked New Trains yesterday, 9 were running. There are 11 running as of this morning.
  14. Lrfox

    Patriot Place | Foxboro

    We go to 2-3 games per year with friends who are season ticket holders. Beyond what everyone has already said about the atmosphere/experience, my favorite thing about seeing it in person is getting the consistent whole-field view. If you're a fan of the game, you can really get into the chess...
  15. Lrfox

    The New Retail Thread

    Yeah, it has been busy each time I've walked by. There was even a decent lunch crowd yesterday. Frankly, I'm amazed at how many seats they squeezed into that space. It did not look big to me before and during construction, but they really made it work. And the outside space looks like it triples...
  16. Lrfox

    The New Retail Thread

    Mida in East Boston is now open (as of this past weekend, apparently).
  17. Lrfox

    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion

    Pretty impressive. I've said this before, but Spirit's big front seats are one of the best deals in the sky. A cushy domestic first class seat at the very front of the plan and plenty of legroom often for around the cost (or less than) of a basic economy ticket on United/American/Delta/JetBlue...
  18. Lrfox

    View Boston (Observatory) | Prudential Tower | Back Bay

    I see ads all over the city. But the ones I’ve seen are mostly generic with the logo on a blue background which I think means nothing to anyone who isn’t already familiar with the Pru and Observatory. They need better photos of the actual view and spaces incorporated into the campaign so people...
  19. Lrfox

    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    I doubt there are as many under roadways as there are railroad tracks, but I visited this one in Tokyo. Sanagi Shinjuku. It's under a pretty big elevated highway.
  20. Lrfox

    The New Retail Thread

    Maybe, but there are plenty of very successful non-chains/national brands in touristy areas. I'd wager that between the liquor license and the rent in such a prime location, the number of potential tenants was pretty limited and Ramsay won out. It is pretty important (vitally so, in many...