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  1. Scott

    On The Dot | 505 Dorchester Avenue | South Boston

    Every person I have spoken to from Dorchester or South Boston passionately hates the name and is not exactly sure why. Kind of like Whoop
  2. Scott

    Hull infill and small developments

    Yes, but they just copied the form of what was already there
  3. Scott

    45 Worthington Street | 6 (née 35) stories, 141 (née 385) units | Mission Hill

    Nobody actually believed that was going to get built
  4. Scott

    General Boston Discussion

    So the question that interests me is why is there persistent crime and poverty among such wealth?
  5. Scott

    General Boston Discussion

    Turn it around: Why is the crime rate in Boston and Massachusetts and New England so low?
  6. Scott

    Boston Harbor Flood Protection Projects

    Okay, but when I go on the Harbor Walk I reasonably expect to see the harbor, otherwise it should be called a building walk
  7. Scott

    Boston Harbor Flood Protection Projects

    Also this is the extension of the Harborwalk that most Dot residents advocated for as opposed to the current extension being built now that runs behind buildings
  8. Scott

    General Boston Discussion

    This is the golden age of apartment renting compared to the 1980's
  9. Scott

    Roxbury Infill and Small Developments

    Part of the reason for the plaza is the Silver Line stop
  10. Scott

    Fenway Corners (Red Sox) | 1 Jersey Street | Fenway

    I am bummed I didn't buy a few buildings for a song and dance back when they were being torched for the insurance money
  11. Scott

    Hyde Park Infill and Small Developments

    The lot is currently on a slight elevation and is apparently going to be leveled. I wish that they would build it on that elevation and keep and restore the stone wall and maybe a mature tree or two if possible. It would make for a better streetscape and be a better neighbor.
  12. Scott

    Boston in the Movies / TV / Netflix

    This 1970s Neo Noir is the Best Boston Movie: The Friends of Eddie Coyle - YouTube I always loved this film
  13. Scott

    Harriet Tubman House | 566 Columbus Avenue | South End

    I think 691 Mass Ave is great too. These three well done contemporary projects have helped fix a historic streetwall that was conspiculously gap-toothed.
  14. Scott

    State to take closer look at tolls on I-93

    In the past sin taxes like those on cigarettes or tolls like on the Mass Pike were said to be for a specific purpose and then at the whim of the legislature they were used for other things. Is there any guarantee under state law that these tolls would be used for the intended purpose. I believe...
  15. Scott

    State to take closer look at tolls on I-93

    Keep in mind that the wealthy and the students are generally the only people rich enough to live in Town. Why don't we tax them? Edit: I am being sarcastic
  16. Scott

    Massachusetts Statewide Bus Network

    I think this might be a really good idea. Seeing how well it works in a nearby state is intriguing, but how can we quantify if it is a better way? That would be the first step in convincing people to take this seriously
  17. Scott

    Why isn't the Tobin bridge lit up at night?

    Not to be a Debby Downer but there is also the possibility of Kenny Rogers chickening all of Chelsea
  18. Scott

    Why isn't the Tobin bridge lit up at night?

    To enter Boston proper you must cross a bridge over the Neponset, Charles or Mother Brook and they are not all lit up because they are not important enough and the cost isn't justified. If we suggest the Tobin be lit then legitimate questions will be asked about its true cost and purpose.
  19. Scott

    Why isn't the Tobin bridge lit up at night?

    I don't think it should pass the environmental sniff test. It has no real practical purpose beyond esthetic