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    Boston Children’s Hospital | 380 1st ave | Needham

    Yea I was actually looking around to see if it was maybe a parking garage that was going up first, but I couldnt find anything about a garage and it was in the exact spot where this building is going. Pretty weird. I tried to find some pictures of the skeleton but couldnt find any, but I did...
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    Mission Hill Parcel 25 | Tremont St @ Roxbury Crossing

    Hmm went from 46 affordable units to 94, sounds good to me!
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    Green Line Type 10 Procurement

    Yea the windows are definitely what make it look like the other green line trains. Id be interested to read why we have to use them as well.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Hopefully this is now rock bottom and we can start slowly clawing our way back up from here.
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    Green Line Type 10 Procurement

    That already looks dated imo as far as modern lrv’s go. I imagine something kinda like this when I think of modern lrv’s, but the one above kinda looks like a type 9 with low floors. I imagine theyre doing this on purpose? The one directly above is a caf trainset as well. They make great...
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    Boston Children’s Hospital | 380 1st ave | Needham

    -Drove by this today and can confirm steel is about half of the way up. According to their timetable it seems theyre ahead of schedule. Needham Founders Park (Center 128 West), 380 1st Ave. (adjacent to the Trip Advisor building) Building a comprehensive ambulatory surgical center...
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    66 Cambridge Street | Charlestown

    Part of the ramps are still there I had never noticed this before.
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    Dorchester Infill and Small Developments

    -Approved 114-122 Harvard Street and 18-24 Standish Street “The project includes two new buildings (114-122 Harvard Street and 18-24 Standish Street) with 22 residential homeownership units, 1 ground-floor commercial unit (1,250sf), and 11 off-street parking spaces. All of the residential...
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    Hyde Park Infill and Small Developments

    -Approved 735-745 River Street “The Proponent is proposing to construct a five (5) story, mixed-use building of approximately 49,900 square feet of gross floor area, including commercial space for the preexisting health clinic , up to 40 rental units and up to 26 parking spaces.”...
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    Residences at Readville Station | 1717-1725 Hyde Park Ave | Hyde Park

    -Approved “The proposed redevelopment program consists of the construction of a total of approximately 279 residential units in two buildings providing all rental units, with accessory garage parking up to 273 vehicles and including 3,617 square feet of restaurant/retail space with other...
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    Bartlett Yards | 2505-2565 Washington Street | Roxbury

    -Approved Unity Station Condominiums | Bartlett Place F1 & F3 “24 Affordable Homeownership Units.” From the presentation: Masterplan F1 F3
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    South End Infill and Small Developments

    -Approved changes to 1000 washington st. The roof is modified to accommodate new vents for labs. “The 2023 Project consists of alterations to the existing 11-story building at 1000 Washington Street to accommodate approximately 237,031 square feet of new life science uses.”...
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    East Boston Infill and Small Developments

    -Approved 9 McKay Place “The proposed project is a 41-unit, 43,600-square-foot development with 35 parking spaces on 15,750 square feet of land.”
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    Dorchester Infill and Small Developments

    With questions, Jones Hill neighbors welcome St. Mary’s project By Seth Daniel, News Editor September 21, 2023 “The Jones Hill Association (JHA) has been working with St. Mary’s Center on its proposed major renovation and new construction project for the past several months, and so far...
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    Dorchester Infill and Small Developments

    Developer proposes artist-centric affordable condos in Uphams Corner, around corner from artist studios on Humphreys Street By adamg on Fri, 09/22/2023 - 2:30pm “A developer that transformed an old industrial building on Humphreys Street in Dorchester into artist work spaces filed plans today...
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    Brockton Developments

    MassHousing “Congratulations to Trinity Financial, the city of Brockton, and the residents of Empresa Enterprise Center Phase 2 on the completion of this new housing community in downtown Brockton. MassHousing was very pleased to be part of this transformative project that brought 111 new...
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    West Roxbury Infill and Small Developments

    A couple more pics from MassHousing
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    Lawrence Developments

    MassHousing “Congratulations to Lawrence Community Works and Equity Development Group on breaking ground for four new homes on Orchard Street that will be for affordable for sale to first-time homebuyers. MassHousing provided financing for the homeownership project through the Neighborhood...
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    Tobin Bridge Relocation/Replacement

    Haha. Dont forget that theyre also gonna need to knock a few floors off the top of that bridge proposal too to appease the neighbors for… reasons.
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    General Infrastructure

    Seattle built in extra space on their evergreen point floating bridge across lake washington which was used as hov/bus lanes for a while until the future rail extension was built. Its now almost finished being converted for lrv use and will be the only floating rail bridge in the world. If they...