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  1. statler

    Banned Users

    As most here know, very, very few users get banned from this forum. It is not something we do lightly. With that said, TheRifleman has been banned. I know this will make a lot of users happy and probably upset others. But after get a lot of complaints and PMs about his behavior on the...
  2. statler

    ⚪ Boston Freedom Wheel | Long Wharf? | Waterfront

    A 200-foot observation wheel on Boston’s Long Wharf? We couldn't even get a restaurant built on the end of Long Wharf. I will never understand the fascination with Ferris Wheels.
  3. statler

    ⚪ Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    So apparently this is going to be a lot more than just a simple statue. If anyone can find some sources aside from this Globe article, it would be much appreciated. Finalists in MLK memorial design competition unveiled The mirrored-bronze interlocking arms, by Hank Willis Thomas, a...
  4. statler

    Local Politics Thread

    A place to discuss everything from the Governor down to your local city councilor.
  5. statler

    National Politics Thread

    A place to discuss matters of national politics. A place to let off steam, vent, complain and maybe even occasionally celebrate. Discuss policy, personality, planning and protests. Keep it here and try not to let leak into main boards. Thanks.
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    I just got some weird Spam in my Private Messages. If anyone else is getting this please let me know. Thanks.
  7. statler

    Boston's Trivia, Myths, Legends and Stories

    A certain forum member (we won't name names) enjoys regaling fellow members in threads with seeming random bits of trivia and historical tidbits. As a service to that member (and to the rest of us), I figured we could have one thread dedicated to these wonderful antidotes so that they will have...
  8. statler

    Town & Gown: The role of schools and universities in Boston

    Lot of discussion on this board about this topic lately, so as suggested, here is a one-stop shop for all rants, raves questions and other observations. Probably a good place to discuss other large, non-profit institutions here as well, MFA, ICA, MGH, etc..
  9. statler

    🔹 What's Happening With Project X?

    Hey all. Wondering about some old project that nobody has updated in awhile? Looking for some new info on a long buried thread? Have some new thoughts on a project that that hasn't been discussed in months? Please don't drag up up old threads just to ask if there is any new info. If you have...
  10. statler

    Thread Naming Convention Suggestions?

    Hey all. I forget who it was who suggested the current new project thread naming convention a while back: Project Name | Project Address | Project City/Neighborhood It's great! I think it works really well and honestly just looks nice. Unfortunately, I'm having a little trouble keeping it...
  11. statler

    Center Plaza Renovation | Center Plaza | Government Center

    This probably doesn't need it's own thread but it's interesting. Link
  12. statler

    Why is Boston So Ugly?

    Ok, which one of you fuckers is Rachel Slade? Continued...
  13. statler

    120 St. James Ave (née John Hancock Tower) Tenants and Development | Back Bay

    Sounds like this project would kill off any lingering hope of reopening the observation deck any time soon. It wasn't going to happen anyway, but this is one more nail in the coffin. Boston Globe - March 15, 2015
  14. statler

    archBoston Meetup | Saturday 25th | 4pm | Stoddard's

    There will be an ArchBoston MeetUp at Stoddard's at 4:00pm on Saturday October 25th. Details and discussion here.
  15. statler

    Metro North Land Use Priority Plan

    Metro North Land Use Priority Plan Event Date Wed Apr 30 7:00pm RSVP for this event by clicking here 200 Pleasant St. Malden, MA 02148 Room City Council Chambers - 3rd Floor The Metro North Land Use Priority Plan seeks to identify appropriate locations for additional housing...
  16. statler

    Long Reads

    For those who have a bit more time on their hands. Scientific American’s Owner Built the First New York Subway [Excerpt] From The Race Underground: Boston, New York and the Incredible Rivalry That Built America’s First Subway, by Doug Most.
  17. statler

    The ArchBoston Shopping Guide

    Post products and properties that would appeal to your fellow archBostonian. Generally things that are related to art, design & architecture. Price not an issue but they must actually be available for sale, so no museum pieces, etc. The more unique/obscure the better, but if you find something...
  18. statler

    Poll: Thought on political and otherwise off topic chatter

    Hey guys, This is just an informal poll. I'm not asking as a moderator and nothing will change as result of this poll. I'm honestly just curious what most people here think. Does the political & off topic chatter in non-political threads bother you? Would moving posts or reprimanding posters...
  19. statler

    And Irene, Irena so far awayyyy...

    Wait, sorry, wrong 80's pop song. Anyways, I guess we are going to get a hurricane or some shit?