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    New England Revolution Stadium | 173 Alford Street | Boston-Everett

    My group and I actually did that in our plan for the area for a project in grad school. I wouldn't mind if it came to be!
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    Boston in Art

    This also features Avalon Exeter (tucked in front of Copley Place) so the oldest this can be is 2014 or so.
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVII (2023)

    I had to double-check the MSA boundaries but I am confident this is Exeter, NH.
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    Bowker Overpass replacement?

    For what it's worth, the same firm responsible for the SoWa under-viaduct space is leading the design effort at Charlesgate. This is really two projects: the Bowker Replacement and the park renovation below. I expect that the final product will bridge the gap between park and infrastructure...
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    Green Line Reconfiguration

    As a double Husky (retired) I can attest that this is absolutely the case, and that cars (or LMA shuttles, for that matter) barely move on Forsyth during inter-class periods. For all the reasons mentioned above and more, Ruggles St. is preferable.
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    Viola | Mass DOT Parcel 13 | Boylston & Mass Ave | Back Bay

    I think you're on to something here
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    Name this US city and related urban trivia!

    I don't think anyone got around to this, so I'm pleased to say my first guess was the right one: Enid, OK.
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Parcel 12 does a lot to rebalance the Back Bay skyline's composition, which I feel was somewhat thrown off with the completion of One Dalton. Good to see!
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    Fenway Infill and Small Developments

    Correct! They are dredging the riverbed and restoring the shoreline more or less to the shape it was designed to by Olmsted. The park will feel much more open in the coming years.
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVI (2022)

    The white geese have always fascinated me! They are domestic breeds that were (apparently) once used by the MWRA to guard their facility at Magazine Beach. They have been there for a couple of decades at this point. Some people are... very...
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    🔷 Open Thread

    Oh good lord above—not only did I grow up down the street from this house, but I knew the family that used to live there and have been inside. It is basically unchanged. This is throwing me for quite the loop; thanks for sharing!
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    Somewhat miraculous video of Copley Place under construction. Kind of amazing to see how lax safety codes were even 40 years ago...
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    Best Cafes of Boston

    I stopped by Cicada Coffee Bar on Prospect in Cambridge yesterday—I had their Sai Gon latte and it was truly one of the best coffee experiences I have ever had. Just the right level of sweetness, deep, rich, coffee flavor with a hint of caramel (in the roast, not the drink) and the accompanying...
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XV (2021)

    Yes! The bridge shown is the Boylston Street Bridge, designed by one H. H. Richardson. A truly beautiful structure IMO!
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    Canopy by Hilton (née Haymarket Hotel) | Blackstone St | Parcel 9 | Greenway

    Hard to find the exact angle as your (beautiful!) photo below, @BeeLine, but... dang:
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    Bay Village Apartment Tower | 212 Stuart St. | Bay Village

    Walked by this a couple of weeks ago at the right time--I have to believe this wonderful pattern of light and shadow was the architects' vision when designing the façade. It's great to look at, but not sure if it's worthwhile when it seems this quality of light only occurs briefly each day, if...
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Challenges like these are candy for me. Thanks for providing it and for the hike summary!