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    New England Revolution Stadium | 173 Alford Street | Boston-Everett

    I think people are ignoring the only real concern here: TD Garden and Fenway do not want competition for concerts. The "environment" "traffic" "process" "location within Boston" all might be concerns but they are sideshows. The chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, Aaron Michlewitz...
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    Brookline Infill and Small Developments

    Several non-profit organizations such as MAPC, Mass Housing Partnership, CHAPA, Boston Indicators, A Better City, etc. have issued reports on this exact question in recent years. The general consensus in north of 200,000 by 2030 to achieve a healthy vacancy rate. That figure was also used as a...
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    William E. Carter School | 396 Northampton Street | Roxbury

    This school is anticipated to serve 60 students? Is that a typo?
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Aside from the massive civil lawsuits that will arise out of this, the Attorney General's office should get involved. To know that the track gauges are improperly narrow but proceed anyway is beyond negligence. I don't usually comment on these transit focused threads but this is an absolute...
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    PLAN: Downtown Some recent information in the public comments received in response to PLAN: Downtown. Aside from the usual height complaints from 45 Province, the owner of PI Alley wants the ability to build a mixed-use tower above...
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    Boston to update its zoning code

    I don't disagree about the floodplains and the climate risks the region is facing, I disagree that the response should be to accept the inevitable and abandon half the city.
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    Boston to update its zoning code

    While I agree with almost everything in the Bronin report regarding zoning, this seems rather alarmist and assumes nothing will be done in the next 50 years to address this issue: The report also says Boston should consider a moratorium on new development in neighborhoods vulnerable to coastal...
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    Motor Mart Tower | 201 Stuart Str. | Park Sq | Boston Some movement on this. The developer was scheduled to go before the Air Pollution Control Commission today as part of its transportation requirements under the initial approval back...
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    Davis Square Lab | 231-249 Elm Street and Grove Street | Somerville

    Other important players here are the banks. A lot of restaurants pledge their valuable licenses as collateral for the loans. If the licenses tank, the loans tank.
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    Fenway Corners (Red Sox) | 1 Jersey Street | Fenway
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    Hotel | 17 West St. | Downtown

    150 feet. No parking. 24 hour activation in a highly trafficked area. Should be allowed as of right but regardless build it tomorrow.
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    General Boston Discussion

    Interesting report. Within the rankings Boston was top 10 in almost every category except infrastructure (no surprise there) and government & regulatory. If we could just get a basic level of functioning infrastructure this region could take off even further.
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    General Boston Discussion Here's the final version.
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    Boston Landing | New Balance Complex | Brighton

    Don't know if that occurred with this project specifically but that absolutely goes on across the city.
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    One Mystic | 1 Mystic Avenue | Charlestown

    I hope so but I read this section on page 13 as addressing some lingering efforts to cut this project down, whether from the BPDA or otherwise. Shrinking the One Mystic Avenue Project would not reduce housing demand. Doing so would just leave the housing deficit to be made up somewhere else...
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    One Mystic | 1 Mystic Avenue | Charlestown Supplemental Information Document. I encourage everyone to read the first chapter of this filing for its clear-stated rebuke of both the BPDA's initial skepticism of this project and a small minority of the Charlestown community's...
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    Take Back The Streets (...and alleys)

    Green New Deal (except for parking)
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    990 American Legion Highway | Hyde Park

    Interesting dynamic at play with this one. The project actually complies with the underlying zoning as written and the BPDA is saying no, we want you to seek zoning relief because this project is not sufficiently dense/urban. Shows how backwards our processes are and I'm glad the BPDA is not...
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    Could not find the thread for Parcel H on Fan pier, but seemingly out of nowhere it is going before the Design Commission tomorrow night. If the mods know where this thread is please relocate.
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    Lord & Taylor Site | Prudential Center | Back Bay

    That's the problem. It's not the free market deciding the most productive use of the land. It's essentially a closed market because the owner needs permission from multiple different arbitrary veto points (design commissions, shadow laws, litigious residents) and is heavily taxed in the form of...