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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    When fan pier was first proposed the globe did an article about the height restrictions. It was about the ability to turn around in an emergency not takeoff and landing. I’ll check the original documentation and post if it’s in there
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    New England Revolution Stadium | 173 Alford Street | Boston-Everett

    Whatever the design I hope it celebrates being on the Mystic River and the views of the Boston skyline
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    Green Line extension Newton to Needham

    Is this project even on the horizon?
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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    What does age have to do with being pro or anti height? BIGOT
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    Commuter Rail to New Hampshire?

    Can the tracks that still exist that go from downtown Portsmouth to Downeaster tracks be used.
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    City Hall Plaza Revamp | Government Center

    It’s not just Boston
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    Alexandra Hotel Renovation | 1769 Washington St | Roxbury

    They would be the only developer who is not profit motivated
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    Alexandra Hotel Renovation | 1769 Washington St | Roxbury

    I'd like to see BU buy it and use it as a dorm for medica/dental students. I know in the past they rented units directly across the street where the Bank America ghost office is.
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    Holocaust Museum Boston | 125 Tremont Street | Downtown

    Looks like those row houses are stone but not brick.
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    The Tiffany Ayer is up for Sale - $15 million

    Wish Historic New England would buy it.
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    Somerville High School Renovation & Expansion | 81 Highland Ave | Somerville

    Maybe we can do a sequel to this movie Beware the windows that paralyze!!
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    Take Back The Streets (...and alleys)

    Time to make the Blackstone block a showcase. How many other 17th century street paterns are left in the US?
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    North Washington St Bridge

    Website says early 2025
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    One Post Office Square Makeover and Expansion | Financial District

    it might be the last tenant to leave
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    Wikipedia as a source, Demographics as a subject

    Wow no one can argue with your logic
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    Why isn't the Tobin bridge lit up at night?

    Ask these people
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    American Repertory Theater | 175 North Harvard Street | Allston

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Harvard moves a museum or two over there someday. They tried to build 2 art museums on the Charles years ago