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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XVIII (2024)

    The visuals on that sign get my love.
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    Jamaica Plain Infill and Small Developments

    Looks like Brassica is out of the Doyle's development. I just hope this gets going soon.
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    Jamaica Plain Infill and Small Developments

    Regarding the Doyle's restoration project, of which 60 and 69 Williams are a part of, does anyone know when and if the actual Doyle's part of this project is happening? On a related note, does Brassica taking over the old Dogwood location affect this project, since they were supposed to be the...
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    I know these are almost identical to previous posts, but it is a cool spot to watch the world go by (food was good too). Also, it's a shame that the large roof deck belongs to Ramsay's burger joint; I have a hard time giving my money to a celebrity chef's establishment.
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    From a while ago, but thought I'd share.
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    The St Regis Residences (former Whiskey Priest site) | 150 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

    I actually like the current iteration because the balconies on the left definitely resemble a sail and the windows on the right give off porthole kind of vibes.
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    North End Cross Street Boutique Hotel | 42 Cross Street | North End

    I respect and appreciate your thoughts, and I stand by mine.
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    North End Cross Street Boutique Hotel | 42 Cross Street | North End

    I think it would look "acceptable" in the Kendall/Lechmere area. Here? Totally uninspired and out of context imo for a major corner going into the NE.
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    Evolution of the Prudential Center: 1954-1989

    I miss the plaza with the statue; being able to look straight up at the Pru in all its panoramic "beauty". I remember when they first proposed doing away with it, so many people here loved the idea..."waste of space", "better street wall activation". I wonder what people think now that we've had...
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    State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

    I saw it lit up on the Celtics' broadcast last night - pretty cool. Also, it's nice that they finally updated their aerial views around TD Garden, it bugs me when they show shots from 10 years ago.
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    Allston Yards (Stop and Shop) | 60 Everett St | Allston

    Funny because I was just thinking that this is moving along pretty quickly. Just goes to show how fast time flies when you get to a certain age. Or how slow so many other projects progress comparatively.