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    Grounding the McGrath

    I didn't mean to imply that this design had shared use paths, only that the wide & green-buffered bike lanes might "feel" sort of like a path. Sorry if there was any confusion. Shared use paths carry distinct accessibility requirements that do not apply to bike lanes (one-way or two-way). The...
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    Grounding the McGrath

    As others are noting, the ROW is still quite wide. Even with the dramatic improvement of demolishing the elevated highway, people are likely to have a strong preference not to cross the street if they don't have to. Also, with the wide planted buffers shown in this cross-section, the bike lanes...
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    Post-Covid Travel Patterns and Solutions

    This argument reduces the utility of transit to commuting. Perhaps that is how some people experience or use transit, but we must acknowledge that commuting accounts for less than 20% of all trips (source: TOD is not just about...
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    General Infrastructure

    Another important metric, I'd argue more important than typical/average speed, is how speed humps affect the fastest drivers. If the average speed on a street is 20-25mph and the speed limit is 25mph, you could design your speed humps to enforce the speed most people are already travelling. BUT...
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    I think the TM Dashboard has been hugely helpful in adding transparency to the slow zone issue. Is the method of calculation perfect? No. Does their dashboard help communicate a relatively nuanced issue to a wide audience? Absolutely! When the Globe is citing your data, and using it to hold the...
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    I can confirm that 4-car consists have been showing up on the Fairmount line in the past year or two. Rode one this morning, in fact. I can only recall 4-car consists when they're all multi-levels though. If there's any singles, it's a 5-6 car train.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Someone even built a website to track the issue (at least for the rail lines): The CTA did pull back on their schedules a bit in August - see slide 8 on the website. But clearly not enough to match reality.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Raised crossings absolutely can be built on arterial streets and on/near bridge decks. Somerville even has some examples of raised crossings on arterials: Bridge decks are more challenging because you have to account for expansion joints, which may limit...
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    No real specifics on the situation in Chicago, but their roll-out also appears to be going slower than anticipated. Some detailed conversation about which lines new cars are assigned to (and speculation about manufacturing) here...
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Looks like Silva Cell planter beds. They give space for tree roots and some water retention while supporting a sidewalk above it. Same product that was used under the sidewalks on Somerville Ave: The previous setup was temporary station access through the UQS building site. If they're laying...
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    Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

    There's research on this exact topic, and you'd probably get more space if you *didn't* wear a helmet: Whether that's because you're more relatable as a human being or because people are more risk-averse, I don't know. I'd never looked into it much beyond the...
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    Unbuilt roads around metro Boston

    Indeed. The state has been pretty keen on roundabouts and recently developed a white paper and design guide: There's a lot of nuance with how they're designed, but in short if you think it's too much to ask people...
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    Infrastructure for Personal Electric Vehicles (non-autonomous) in Boston

    I believe that's for one of the city's Neighborhood Mobility microHUBs. Can't find anything recent, but here's a blurb about them from GoBoston2030:
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    Biking in Boston

    They extended the sidewalks on both sides of Court Street (left and right in your link), and the probably needed to demo everything that was in the median to do so. While the new painted area is roughly the same shape, it's much smaller in size. I agree that it would be great to not have a...
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    Suburban Complete Streets

    Yup! The Town received one of MassDOT's Shared Streets and Spaces Grants in September, which indicates that the lanes will be protected, not just buffered. The Town's website has a little more info, but no plans...
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    While I'm sure the GLX path is driven much more by cost and constructability concerns, The 606 in Chicago was very purposefully designed to include more curves and elevation than required. The old framework plan provides some good visuals and explainers of how they saw changes in elevation and...
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    Biking in Boston

    I feel like it's lesser known/used, but the $10 adventure pass allows for 2-hour rides. Pretty good deal (imo) if you're looking to do some exploring for a day and don't want to be too concerned about time.
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    MBTA Buses & Infrastructure

    BTD recently launched a project website for Summer Street, from Dot Ave to across the Fort Point Channel. Looks to be another MBTA-coordinated project (similar to the Washington Street bus lanes and the Blue Hill Avenue bus lane concept). The plans are very preliminary, but they are...
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    Biking in Boston

    Both of those are shown on the Boston Healthy Streets map, released today. At least a portion of Charles Street is on there as well, though it looks like most of the facilities will be constructed with much more rapid/tactical materials...
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    Biking in Boston

    It may be hard to tell from the Twitter photos, but these are actually much more significant than a parking stop. The barriers are about 10' long, 6" high and 12" wide. At 150lb/cuft, you're looking at about 700lb per unit (By comparison most parking stops are about 6' long , 6" high, and 6-9"...