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  1. dhawkins

    Middlesex County Courthouse Redevelopment | 40 Thorndike St | East Cambridge

    I wonder if the Owners will have a Shaman perform a ceremony to rid the site of ghosts and bad juju of prisoners past. The owner of Alex and Ani stores had this ceremony performed at their new office build out in RI and I thought it was corny but in a place like this it might not be a bad idea...
  2. dhawkins

    74M (EDGE Assembly Sq.) | 74 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    Getting started on the penthouse finish panels.
  3. dhawkins

    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    249 Corey Rd. The original renderings had darker, brownish panels. These gray color panels are a bad color choice for a gray day in New England. I hope the single family homes on the Brookline side of the property have a different architect/designer than this building..
  4. dhawkins

    Avalon Brighton | 139-149 Washington Street | Brighton

    Nevil Hill (Building 2) at the back lot of the Avlion complex. Nice deck
  5. dhawkins

    Kindred Hospital Site Redevelopment | 1515 Commonwealth Ave. | Brighton

    These monumental stairs will be a great sitting area with a nice view towards downtown
  6. dhawkins

    "Dirty Old Boston"

    Cheaper air travel and the rise of the travel industry when the "Middle Class Family" had a little extra money for trips. Why go to these cold water beaches when the are the beaches in Miami, the Caribbian, California, Mexico and Hawaii?
  7. dhawkins

    Everett Infill and Small Developments

    No plans yet but this will be next to the Stop and Shop?? SKY Tower Everett
  8. dhawkins

    74M (EDGE Assembly Sq.) | 74 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    The current tower's window sizes are very deceiving! I didn't realize the floors heights until I saw a person for scale!
  9. dhawkins

    74M (EDGE Assembly Sq.) | 74 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    Looks like Greystar is looking to the future of Somerville! Hopefully it keeps pushing along
  10. dhawkins

    🔷 Open Thread

    The latest gimmic in apartment living. Still looks expensive to me. Ori Expandable Apartments
  11. dhawkins

    🔷 Open Thread

    Something completely different! At least I haven't seen anything like it. Indoor Skate Park- Folkestone, England
  12. dhawkins

    Flickr Finds & Social Media Pics

    Boston isn't the only city that gets frustrated with inspirational design that gets dumbed down due to opposition or budget constraints. Funny stuff on Reddit Reddit Link Also, there is a link in the comments to an Instagram page that makes fun of architecture frustrations as well.
  13. dhawkins

    74M (EDGE Assembly Sq.) | 74 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    They have resumed with panels
  14. dhawkins

    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    Its a temp construction safety rail, steel angle posts with cable strung between posts
  15. dhawkins

    Boynton Gateway | 495 Columbia Street | Somerville

    The moment connection load of the projecting awning beam got nullified by the beam on the inside running along the ceiling line in the opposite direction. Moment connection calculations/ equal and opposite load calculations suck. I think I got a C- in my physics class. Good thing we could count...
  16. dhawkins

    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    They are keeping it down to earth for the average person that wants to hang out on the back deck. It will be a great space to have another beer garden.
  17. dhawkins

    Copley Square Revamp | Back Bay

    Looks like there is an attempt to maintain a majority of the current tree canopy; keeping them in place and adding more trees around them. This is a screen shot of the video in this article. The Copley Square redesign evolves