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  1. DrFreewind

    New London - First Congregational Church Collapse

    A beautiful church built in 1850 collapsed today in New London, luckily no one was inside at the time. A loss of some great architecture that sadly will probably not be rebuilt.
  2. DrFreewind

    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    Most likely the rebar shown is for a wall that will be installed between the highway and the tracks, it will not be supporting any structure above
  3. DrFreewind

    Wentworth Mixed-Use Life Sciences Complex | 500 Huntington Ave | Fenway

    Live webcams are up for the new parking garage/field
  4. DrFreewind

    Roads and Highways General Development Thread

    Makes it sound like they going to take half their property to widen the street when in reality it's probably just adding a signal pole to their property?? Does anyone have any info on the design, this is all I could find on MassDOT project info: " The proposed project will reconstruct...
  5. DrFreewind

    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    I'm still not impressed with the way that traffic will get from 90 to SFR, I feel this will create unnecessary traffic in what should be "city streets" hopefully lined with buildings and shops near west station. Unless their idea of road safety is to create gridlock so that it's safer for bikes...
  6. DrFreewind

    Station Landing | Wellington Circle | Medford

    The city should have bought the weather station property and combined it with this RFI to make one cohesive area. Another disappointment is the second to last bullet point "Any modification/relocation of customer parking to allow for air rights development should not result in a loss of net...
  7. DrFreewind

    Hartford CT

    Got to go to a Yard Goats game earlier this week. "The Pennant" at North Crossing is nearing completion: -270 Apartments with ground floor retail and 330 space parking garage This is Parcel C near Trumbull St and Main St Parcel B, the lot next door is up next to be developed adding another 500+...
  8. DrFreewind

    Suburban Complete Streets

    id say the patriot parkway/bill delahunt parkway in weymouth at the old air base, completed in 2017
  9. DrFreewind

    The Mason | 85-87 & 111 Boston Street | Everett

    great, now MB will be even more crowded!
  10. DrFreewind

    Wakefield Developments

  11. DrFreewind

    MBTA Construction Projects

    Drove by today and demolition has begun on the old Lowe's across from Quincy Adams station for the new bus facility
  12. DrFreewind

    Weymouth Developments

    Photo dump from Union Point
  13. DrFreewind

    Weymouth Developments

    Some great developments in Weymouth Landing near the commuter rail station 165 Washington St 145 Washington St New Tufts Library 130(?) Washington St 10 Front St Landing 53 and another new building
  14. DrFreewind

    Alewife Park | 36-64 Whittemore Ave. | Cambridge

    Wow finally an accurate representation of what area traffic will look like
  15. DrFreewind

    Weymouth Developments

    Some old cottages replaced with raised foundation houses in an area prone to flooding right on the water street view of what was replaced street view of what was replaced
  16. DrFreewind

    Weymouth Developments

    Weymouth, MA developments Wikipedia
  17. DrFreewind

    Mission Hill Infill and Small Developments

    love how tremont street has been getting filled in these past few years, and theres still more to come with the possible projects at 1558 tremont, 80-100 smith, and parcel 25 phase 2