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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    There was an easy way to resubmit the waterfront plan, but she refrained from doing so, with some nice nimby language.
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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    It's not the BPDA, it's the mayor that destroyed it with a huge assist by nimby lawsuits from the CLF.
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    Boston Water and Sewer Commission development | 923-925 Harrison ave| Roxbury

    The problem is the whole thing requires several different subsidies to work. It was a mess the second they made it affordable only.
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    ACC/NU Residence Hall | 840 Columbus Ave | Northeastern University

    It fits the slow extension of the high spine along Huntington...
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    Back Bay Garage Tower | Dartmouth and Stuart | Back Bay

    Do they need another lease for the resi buildings? Is this the DOT approval for everything?
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    Midwood Development Proposed 23-story office tower at the corner of Bromfield and Washington streets

    The whole thing is a massive own goal by the city, which is kneecapping a developer who wants to add to downtown. Just like the half assed plan downtown zoning, the inaction here is only contributing to the mess. This is one part of the City where high density should be very much by right.
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    Vertex Headquarters @ Fan Pier | 11 Fan Pier Blvd, 50 Northern Ave | Seaport

    Vertex is absolutely crushing it. They may need more space given the number of bfd drugs they'll soon have.
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    1 Taber street | Roxbury

    The city owned parcels where they have X units of heavily subsidized housing cross-subsidized by life science labs which are also paying for a parking garage and many other amenities...
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    1 Taber street | Roxbury

    It's going to be darkly funny when the market rate infill all gets built way before the high concept, baroque subsidized buildings along the square proper (on city owned land) get developed. Will be very similar to the SWC in that way.
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    ACC/NU Residence Hall | 840 Columbus Ave | Northeastern University

    Good catch. Didn't realize there was a suit beyond "working the refs" aka the city dev authorities with their nonsense.
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    Watertown Infill and Small Developments

    Salim Furth (Housing scholar @ Mercatus) has pointed out that 44% of Milton voting for more housing in a plan not particularly close to transit is actually a remarkable sign of popularity of upzoning elsewhere. Milton, arguably is one of the least likely places to vote for density, vs say a...
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    Roxbury Infill and Small Developments

    Remember, this building was approved then had approvals yanked because the city tree warden complained. Totally bizarre story. The developer, MPDC, has built great urban spaces when they get the opportunity (see the new Madison Park n'hood and Whittier Choice nearby).
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    ACC/NU Residence Hall | 840 Columbus Ave | Northeastern University

    The three year gap was due to the city jerking them around over some neighborhood land title issues conflating with hyperlocal NIMBYism.
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    ACC/NU Residence Hall | 840 Columbus Ave | Northeastern University

    If this is like Lightview, the broken up massing might actually work well and give the real appearance of multiple towers clustered together.
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    10 Malcolm X Blvd | Roxbury

    wow. transformative
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    Lab Building (née Hotel Hampshire) | 34-40 Hampshire St. | Cambridge

    Beyond bizarre given the ultra low hotel vacancy rates that it's not a hotel. The prices are insane, esp in Kendall.
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    Boston Water and Sewer Commission development | 923-925 Harrison ave| Roxbury

    Second is much better not least for putting the park on the interior not on busy Harrison ave. 383 units is much too few though and it's frankly ridiculous to put purely affordable housing here given how segregated Lower Roxbury is (and how unaffordable the South End is).
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    Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

    I wonder if they want to sit on it and sell the dev rights like the constellation center shyster in cambridge....
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    Stop and Shop Mixed Use | 1690 Revere Beach Parkway | Everett

    Are there plans to make Revere Beach Pkwy safer to cross on foot?