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    Dick’s House of Sports | Prudential Center | Back Bay

    It was a full gut job and they ripped out the roof to go up a few feet in the back. You can see that from the plaza at the Star Market.
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    General Boston Discussion

    Anyone know why the Old Hancock spire has been dark recently? Feels like it's been out about two weeks now, not even the FAA beacon is lit. (Mods, please move if this is the wrong thread to query.)
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    Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

    I kind of agree. I don't have so much a problem with the **number** of joints, but that they're so inconsistent across the facets of David's projects. Some gaps are an inch, others (in the same plane or rise) are 7/8" or even 1.5". I've grumbled often to his design staff, but they keep doing it...
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    Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

    lol, taketern, that's a hilarious snap. I believe the technical term in the design world is "monumental signage," and wow. That is very much not monumental. Is Car Guru's trying preemptively sabotage themselves here, so as to enter into Chapter 9 and reorganize themselves?
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    Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

    From some consultants for Peebles and the MBTA, I understand Peebles is still hemorrhaging cash on due diligence/DD at Parcel 13. As for Parcel 15, some city contacts I've spoken with recently—off the record—suspect the Commonwealth is holding off on putting Parcel 15 up for redevelopment until...
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    The New Retail Thread

    Really disappointed at this news. I was really looking forward to a replacement for B&N.
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    Fenway Corners (Red Sox) | 1 Jersey Street | Fenway

    Thanks for the update. I intended to join, but got tied up with a work emergency, alas.
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    761-793 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    Hearing from both Abe & Louie’s and Atlantic Fish staff that Tavistock has engaged demo and remediation contractors for the former C&B space. Not clear if this is for a short-term potential commercial lease or part of due diligence for the full site redevelopment/additional height. Will try to...
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    The Ipswich | 2 Charlesgate West | Fenway

    IIRC, Fenway Group (back in 2007) objected to developments here due to proponents having a view of home plate/Red Sox rivals stealing signs for the benefit of out-of-town teams. I think both Scape at CGW and the Boston Conservatory property leads for the Masco lot were kinda like, “Seriously...
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    Apple Store Thread ][

    IIRC, the racks disappeared for a time earlier this year due to an overnight waterline upgrade the city was doing on Boylston from the firehouse out east toward Fairfield.
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    1400 Boylston Street | Star Market & Gulf | Fenway

    This came up in a Fenway Corners (mitigation?) meeting a few months ago. I seem to recall that BPL committed to supporting a new branch in the Fenway—irrespective if it was in FSG project, Scape’s Charlesgate project, or Samuels’ project here. I think BPL made the verbal commit, but now have to...
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    The New Retail Thread

    Interesting, given tonight’s article in one of the trades re: AMC.
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    Boston Easter Eggs

    Old rail spur abandoned at the time of the turnpike extension? F-line would know.
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    The Bon | 1260 Boylston Street | Fenway

    Nacht. When was the last time we had “winter”? 2014?
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    Fenway Corners (Red Sox) | 1 Jersey Street | Fenway

    My recollection from the many public meetings/IAGs is ground level (or, ground level+, aka HOB) retail engagement; upper floors TBD with an evaluation of market demand at such time when they redevelop Landsdowne.
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    Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

    The irony is, I fully agree—as I have so often do agree with you, even when we’re Devil advocating positions. What grips my ass is that I lived by Hynes/ICA 25 years ago for a few years, and accessibility was clearly an issue then. I’m no doubt biased (loved ones who can’t use Hynes due to...
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    Lyrik Back Bay | 1001 Boylston Street (Parcel 12) | Back Bay

    Over the last 15 years, the MBTA has, by my best reckoning, outsourced nearly the entirety of the Hynes head-house renovations and ADA conformance/compliance over to Parcel’s 12 and 13—under the auspices of Article 80 project mitigation, cause, “we’re poor.” In short: Samuels does the west...
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    Heat Pumps vs Gas Pipelines

    I gather Mitsubishi is quietly testing a new, even more efficient system in Boston that is being hard-sold in new construction in Japan: they want to expand this to North America, especially in light of states and cities mandating things like BERDO and stretch code. A friend told me last June...
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    The New Retail Thread

    Anyone have details on when the Harvard Bookstore Pru location is opening? They originally suggested “spring 2023,” but evolved it to “coming in 2023.”