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    Idyl Fenway | 60 Kilmarnock St | Fenway

    Taller than a 5 over 2. The disgraceful height in this quaint neighborhood! And the wasteful spend!
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    Somernova Campus | Duck Village | Somerville

    A future MBTA stop? Maybe wishful thinking of "build it and they will cone", but I always love seeing the zeal of including features of future transit extension proposals in renderings. We'll see
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    Cambridge Really Does Love 5 Over 1's 😁

    This is kind of an incomplete thought I'm still mulling over - but (please don't crucify me) - if developers are going to strongarm cities into never building anything more than the bare-minimum cost (when most of the units aren't sky-high in cost), does it at all help to at least encourage the...
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Does the grade of Broadway allow for a street/median/shoulder-running LRT?
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    I don't recall how recently this has been proposed/crayon-ed, but just based on the high-density sections of South Boston and the South End, there's a crazy corridor for a light rail line along Broadway from City Point/Broadway @ P St, to Back Bay, making stops at L/Broadway, Dorchester...
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    So I take away a lot from the article, but they also embed this article which truly relates to the article in engineering too: My main takeaway: we can build cut n cover much more cheaply and we know of economic and legal burdens...
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    ISQ3 | 22 Drydock Avenue | Seaport Nice development to see here.
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    Marlborough Developments

    Interesting office to residential changeover in a burbs office park!
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    Stop and Shop Mixed Use | 1690 Revere Beach Parkway | Everett

    Also, I think that this would be the better place for this: the 104 rerouting not only helps the underserved communities of Everett and Chelsea, as well as the underserved Eastie-Chelsea-Everett corridor, but it's travel down the new 2nd St ROW next to this / 2nd on Vine / Anthem, along with the...
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    Stop and Shop Mixed Use | 1690 Revere Beach Parkway | Everett

    I can't find this anywhere, but with there being another 2000+ residents between this, 2nd on Vine, and the hopeful Sky Everett right next to each other. And the new Chelsea/Everett buildings near Everett Street, and the other new buildings like Anthem and Pioneer, what retail and essential...
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    Other People's Rail: Amtrak, commuter rail, rapid transit news & views outside New England

    This is a great step in the right direction for the LA Metro's huge Purple Line extension project, and they keep having success with securing funding and approvals for projects. There are a lot of sorely needed other projects proposed in LA, but to see a complete new subway tunnel project moving...
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    ACC/NU Residence Hall | 840 Columbus Ave | Northeastern University

    I was on a jog by here on Sunday and went by Lightview and it became a thought that perhaps Northeastern has the investment interest in these tall/dense residential projects between 20 and 30 stories and they don't seem to be slowing, with a growing enrollment and money coming in the door. Is...
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    Sunday 4/7. Garage is flattened and space is cleared out. Some big updates from HYM soon?
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    New England Revolution Stadium | 173 Alford Street | Boston-Everett

    Another reason why this doesn't seem serious is the specs of the design, including the preemptive arbitrary capacity of 25K. The Revolution had the 8th highest average home attendance in the MLS at over 21K per game, and that was in Foxboro, in a pretty mundane Gillette Stadium soccer...
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    Tallest building in town, can you name the city?

    I was going to guess Lincoln, as it made sense to some extent. But I found nothing...