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    Chasing the Peak - Fall Foliage in the Northeast

    It turns out I'm not just obsessed with buildings, but also with foliage! Here's a smattering of shots from the Northeast last October. I'll stick to only showing New England here but the full album includes the Adirondacks and Lake Placid area in early October, as well as the Catskills in...
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    Maine - General Photo Thread

    Maine is such a beautiful state. Might as well show it off. I'll start. Looking down on Camden from Mt Battie, 10/13/2019. IMG_6798 by David Z, on Flickr
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    Residential Tower | 41 Lagrange Street | Chinatown

    Looks like this was filed on 11/8. 19 stories, 207' not including mech. They're really squeezing this one in there. Here's the PDF presentation...
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    Diagrams on Skyscraperpage

    When you type Boston (+Cambridge, Somerville, Everett, Brookline, Quincy, Chelsea, Newton) into Skyscraperpage's diagrams page and search for buildings under construction, this is literally the entire list of buildings it shows! Capture by David Z, on Flickr This is something that has been...
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    Best North American Skylines - Ranked

    For those of you who have an interest in skylines outside of Boston, here is my list I came up with for the best North American skylines, reposted from Skyscrapercity: It looks like it ends up being my Top 86..... Here is...
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    Tragic possibility for Providence

    This post/thread should ultimately be deleted. However, in the meantime, I want to point out that everybody needs to take a look at the Providence Developments thread immediately! (starting at post 353) This should be the...
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    Foggy Boston Evening

    From Sunday, September 17. Click into any picture to view it larger/full screen. (or just click into the first one and scroll left) IMG_9061 by David Z, on Flickr IMG_9065 by David Z, on Flickr IMG_9067 by David Z, on Flickr IMG_9069 by David Z, on Flickr IMG_9072 by David Z, on Flickr...
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    Boston's Best Lit Buildings

    This thread is dedicated to discussion and pictures of the night lighting going on in Boston. Before I nominate my favorites, I would like to bring up that I have noticed 2 new lit buildings as of this month. The first is One Post Office Square, which has lit its glass top the last couple of...
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    Development Predictions Thread

    Hey all, Given the recept spate of approvals, I am curious about archboston'er predictions about these projects going forward. I am going to give some examples of what I mean at the end, and for the sake of impact will only be discussing buildings 400'+. (also since we haven't had one this tall...
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    Gonna take me a while to digest Atlanta. Managed 600 pics. I'll come back with more later.
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    Casino for Springfield?

    A very large casino has been proposed here. Here's the article.
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    DZH Does North Carolina

    Here is my first thread that I finally got around to posting... Raleigh (it's quite long) Winston-Salem and Greensboro are next
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part V (2012)

    I popped off over 400 pics in Boston today (ok, now yesterday). It was a wonderful day to kick off the new year! Hopefully I will have a fair amount to post, not even sure yet how they all came out but... Here's a preview.
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    Just a friendly reminder... Moderator, please close this thread at midnight.
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    Your 5 favorite buildings in Boston

    Just curious. Add pics if you want. For me: 1: JHT 2. Marriot Custom House 3. Federal Reserve 4. The Pru 5. It's a battle among: >Exchange Place - loved the glass on this since I was a kid >International Place - Tall, round, iconic from the waterfront >One Lincoln (State Street...
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    Road Trips

    I'm interested in the different locations people have driven out to, with Boston as the "home base" so to speak. Pictures are welcome and encouraged. I will start out with my latest trip. Last month, I decided it was time to see some new cities for myself that I had only seen pictures of...
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    Boston 2050

    I can't wait until the skyline view looks like this! I should mention there are a bunch of 200 foot precast blocks off to the right... Also, we got a great new park in the North End! It all just makes me so angry sometimes!!!
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    Hiking New England

    Go here for the main thread: Here are a few of the better ones. More to come.
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    Bizarro hiking in NH's Whites, Oct 09 - Winter Wonderland???

    I went up to Mount Moosilauke in NH to check out the foliage on Saturday, Oct 16. While the trees looked beautiful, most of the views were very... unexpected. Here's some of the better pictures, shown in the order that we hiked it...