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    Hamilton Co. Apartment Bldg | 1085 Boylston Street | Fenway

    From the BRA notice of public meeting: John Fitzgerald is acepting comments until October 1. Public meeting on September 19th at 6:30 at Berklee's building at 1140 Boylston ST. The property in question is the skinny parking lot next to parcel 12. I don't know who the architect is, they...
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    Who is Patricia (nee Jessie)

    Who is this individual introducing themselves, first as Jessie in May, then Patricia earlier today, with this ridiculous signature that's eleventy-billion lines long (something about Buddhism, HHHHMMM and finding your heart chakra and SLIDE)? Or is it just me that the crazies gravitate toward?
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    My trash can brings all the boys to the yard (etc.)

    The city of Boston is "encouraging" local businesses, health care instutitions and higher ed to fund the Big Belly's. In my personal opinion, it's a curious arrangement for those who have permits or plans pending city/BRA approval, and the Mayor's office "suggests" they drop $50k to "sponsor" 15...