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    Looks like we're back up!!
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    The next BIG skyscraper to BLOCK

    We don't want SHADOWS over out PARKS. Which tower should we look to block next. Gotta protect the parks and not turn Boston into Manhattan. All of the height fetishists should move to MANHATTAN
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    Harvard Tower | 120 Western Ave | Allston

    No renders yet. But according to confidential sources Harvard is planning on releasing plans for a 1776 foot tower on their Boston campus. They are expecting to announce a prominent Washington state company as the anchor tenant. Construction should correspond with the I90 reconfiguration...
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    ArchBoston Awards 2017

    Making up for the 5 years since the last ArchBoston awards, I've created threads in the Boston Architecture & Urbanism sub-forum requesting nominations. Feel free to post on this thread if you want another category. Please make your nominations in the next week or so, starting after Tom Brady...
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    Nominations: ArchBoston Biggest Urban Planning Disaster

    What's the worst urban planning disasters in the Boston area. Basically the worst designed streets and development patterns I'll nominate Alewife to start off. The apartments right off of route 2 are in a ghastly spot. No idea why they wanted to make Route 2 in Cambridge look like Route 1 in...
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    Nominations: Most Exciting Developments Approved or U/C

    Please don't include projects that have been approved but are dead. I'll start with Bulfinch Crossing
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    Nominations: ArchBoston ugliest buildings

    Nominate the ugliest buildings in the Boston area. I'll start the ugly apartment towers along Revere Beach. Hard to pick one building, they all look like something out of a communist regime in the mid 20th century.
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    Nominations: ArchBoston best new developments 2013-2017

    I'll create a poll later once the nominations are in. Best new developments 2013-2017. Please put in nominations that are either finished or have substantial portions finished. My nominations: Millennium Tower (obs) Assembly Row (not finished but I love the ground level) Lovejoy Wharf
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    Nominations: ArchBoston worst new developments 2013-2017

    I'm unilaterally recreating the Arch Boston awards. My first nomination: Zinc apartment building in Cambridge (22 Water Street)
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    Best Boston Skyscrapers (besides Hancock)

    I'm interested to see what people think would be their favorite Boston skyscraper besides the Hancock Tower (as I believe 75% of this sub would vote for the Hancock Tower). You can choose more then one. Please don't choose more then 5 I guess I miss the ArchBoston awards so i'm bringing it...
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    Parking Permits

    In many neighborhoods in this city, we know parking is a huge problem. Personally I think the abundance of free parking is the biggest problem, as space on the street should be sold for what it is worth. My solution would be for the government to set a limited number of parking permits in each...
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    Allston Square | 372 Cambridge St | Allston

    "Allston Square is a proposed 390,000-square-foot two-phased, mixed-use residential/retail development centered about the intersection of Cambridge Street and Harvard Avenue in Allston. The development would construct six buildings across multiple sites containing a total of 353 residences...
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    Space Savers

    So we all know that space savers are dumb. Well I have an idea. How about we keep the street sweeping hours through the winter, but instead of street sweeping the city could do something like this. Too cost prohibitive? Would solve most of the space saver controversy...
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    60 Kilmarnock St | Fenway

    Notice of intent for the Boston Cab space in Fenway, which may include 400 residential units and ground floor retail. Will also replace some nearby low slung buildings.
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    New members having trouble signing up Just a page from Reddit. Looks like some new members are having trouble starting up. Not sure who has the athourity to approve new members but maybe it should be expanded.
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    A Better Cambridge: NSRL and Vlope Redevelopment
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    Seaport without height restrictions.

    Imangine if the seaport didn't have any height restrictions. Would it look like the transbay area in San Francisco? I feel like the archetcture would be much more interesting.
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    40 Rugg Road | Allston

    "Proposed 259,635-square-foot mixed-use development located steps to the Boston Landing commuter rail station featuring two 6-story buildings containing 262 residences and 3,485 square feet of ground-floor retail. Residences would include 88 studios, 114 one-bedroom/one-bathrooms and 60...
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    Boston Globe

    Anyone else upset that they no longer allow incognito mode. I might actually have to start paying for their journalism.
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    Sumner Tunnel A quote from an Eastie representative "The new design has created traffic backups unseen in East Boston since the pre-Ted Williams Tunnel days. In fact, the current traffic is even worse. Beyond the impact on...