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    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    It's not like that little strip of coast is a natural treasure. Can't imagine the road run-off is controlled well enough with it. Argument for a wider infill?
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    City Hall Plaza Revamp | Government Center

    I'm of the few who truly like City Hall as a piece of architecture. Like many buildings from its time though, the urban design is a disaster and typical government-pace/budget upkeep is virtually nonexistent. So this project is a big win in my book. Soften the edges with trees, scale down the...
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    BGI Office Tower (Massport Parcel A2) | 401 Congress Street | Seaport

    Woah, this is my first time seeing this project. I like how expressive it is for its scale. Very aggressive urban design gestures (in a positive way), and the facade work is clean enough. It's plagued by the typical Seaport squatness and would look 100x better if it were 2.5x taller. Sasaki...
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    Echelon Seaport | 133-135 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

    Anyone know how often Google updates their 3D map view? That's where I've been spending way too much time the past few months doing some virtual exploring of the city. It'd be nice to see and compare the Seaport developments in a more current state. This parcel is totally flat in the existing...
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    Simmons University Living and Learning Center | 300 Fenway | Longwood

    What other projects do you think resemble this?
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    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    Yeah I'm confused. Isn't this the exact configuration that's there now??
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    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    I totally forgot about that building! It's absolutely terrible! Like a horrid Miami-suburban-Texas developer special. I have very strong feelings about almost all use of stone cladding and I remember it going up a year or so ago. Just some cheap veneer. It looks particularly bad above the lower...
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    Kenmore Square North | 533 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    I think I saw you there taking these today! Particularly the last shot. I was the kid with minimal clothing who went running past through the covered walkway haha.
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    Mission Hill Infill and Small Developments

    Huge miss, but I can see the attempt. The material joint between the splayed out brick and the flat face is so jarring. Also more reason to hate metal panel facades.
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Where in Arlington is that taken?
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    MIT New 450-bed Residence Hall | 121 Vassar St. | Cambridge

    Baker House is pretty nice, no? At least the plan is quite beautiful, nice brickwork.
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    If You Were God... Transit & Infrastructure Sandbox

    Anything Urban Ring. Hub + Spoke is a transit disaster. That Red Line branch going down Mass Ave on the Boston side is beautiful. It solves the N-S travel issue in such an obvious way. The Yellow Line ring has been explored by others here too.
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    archBoston Awards Feedback

    If I voted earlier and the week, and want to view the results as they stand today, is there a way beyond taking the test again? Is that allowed and does the email sort it out as a duplicate?(filling it out now as a dummy form just to get to the final page with the "results" button")
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Yeah the illumination stands out in person a lot more. The LEDs are pretty bright.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    I've always wondered how unbearable those units were, both for noise and privacy. Their windows are within like 15' of the tracks. Hopefully some serious glazing.
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    Voting Discussion

    Surprised to see Encore losing the worst development of the year. That thing is both ugly and something hard to ignore on the skyline. Vox on Two is gross neo-traditional kitsch developer modernism (don't hold me to that word garble) but at least it isn't visibly offensive to many people who...
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    MIT New 450-bed Residence Hall | 121 Vassar St. | Cambridge

    You know what elevates this project 10-fold for me? The lack of damned alucabond metal panels.
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    Voting Discussion

    I was about to vote Quaker Lane because I like it more architecturally speaking. But it really doesn't have much of an urban impact and I can't imagine ever getting to see it up close. You could miss it if you weren't looking up.
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    Marine Wharf (Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites) | 660 Summer St | Seaport

    Why does every new building try to emulate the same optical illusion??? Shifty windows! Everywhere! See! We're fun and challenging the traditions of design by obfuscating rational alignments, proportions, and geometries! The most egregious being MIT Site 4. A relatively nicely scaled, clad...
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    MIT New 450-bed Residence Hall | 121 Vassar St. | Cambridge

    I think the south face along Vassar will get some awnings? Not sure what those vertical rails are above the windows. They're not present on the north, so sun shading makes sense. EDIT: Within a minute of posting this... went back to page one... yes, there will be awnings along the south: I find...