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    Boylston Place (née Scape Student Housing) | 1252-1268 Boylston Street | Fenway

    Except the Gold Dust Orphans explicitly do not perform in black box spaces. They are a small proscenium space troup. And they only have one or two productions a year. What will the space be used for the rest of the time, and when will the operator realize they can make more money doing stuff...
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    Boylston Place (née Scape Student Housing) | 1252-1268 Boylston Street | Fenway

    Apparently applications were just filed to demolish Machine/Ramrod. A rendering I haven't seen is here too. I will remain very skeptical of "the Boylston Black Box, a 10,000-square-foot LGBTQ-centric venue for the performing arts." You can't just wish a queer space into being. Particularly one...
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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    I think this is going to be another "One Marina Park Drive." It is put up cheaply with strange design intent and is very present to begin with, but as the lots around it fill up the architecture becomes less prevailing and we mostly interact with it at ground level.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    If any thing permanently changes to the built environment due to the lockdown I hope it is this. Let's take the space used to store cars for free and give it back to the people who live here.
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    2019 archBoston Award WINNERS

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    MGM Music Hall (née Fenway Theater) | 12 Lansdowne St | Fenway

    Yeah I work in theater and events and basicly all theater/major concerts in NYC and Boston have been cancled through the end of 2020 the earliest. And when it does return it looks like houses will be less than 25% full. There is literally no reason for them to be working on this right now as the...
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    CambridgeSide Galleria Reno/Redev | First Street | East Cambridge

    Wow! I completely missed this project. Back in undergrad I had an exhibit design internship at the Museum of Science. I would grab lunch at the Galeria every once in a while and would meet friends there after I got out a lot. While it was dated even back then it has a ceritian post-modern charm...
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    Best Development Proposal Nominations

    Ground was broken and construction began on this theater in 2019. It doesnt fit the paramater of "not yet under construction", but could likely be nominated for best new development next year.
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    Worcester Kelley Square

    What is it about the layout of the square that you loved? Why is changing the flow of traffic detrimental to the soul of the city?
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    Worcester Kelley Square

    @Tallguy Well if you wont accept it from @Blackbird, I lived in and around Worcester for over 20 years, went to weddings and holiday masses inside Mount Carmel, and had a friend of a friend killed in Kelly Square by a truck. Fixing an extremely dangerous intersection is nothing to be mourned.
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    The Quinn (née The Berkeley) | 370-380 Harrison Ave | South End

    Even being precast it adds a great additional texture to the building and makes the whole thing really pop. I'm kind of reminded of how every one decried Alucobond for years but loved it on 10 Farnsworth and the Mass Art Treehouse. Precast and Alucobond are not the issue, It's about using...
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    While they may not be the most beautiful buildings in the world they are very much of a specific time and place.
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    Best Member Photo Nominations

    few more images I've stumbled on I think could deserve this: Harvard SEC by @BeeLine The Sudbury by @Gunner02 One Post Office Square Makeover by @BeeLine Kenmore Square North by @mmssrro
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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    I was looking back at the most recent BCDC presentation, specifically the concept drawings and models on pages 12-14, and I finally understand what they were trying to do with the structures design. They began with thinking of it as a "bookshelf" of vertical masses leaning on each other and a...
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    NYC Transit

    The craziest thing about the subway shutdown is stated in the second to last paragraph of this Gothamist article, "...Because transit workers still need to access the system at all hours — and since there’s not enough space in the rail yard to hold all of the cars, anyway — the trains will...
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    Hall of Fame Nominees

    RE: Kennedy green way. When we used to do these awards there was an unwritten/ kinda written rule of no nominations less than 15 years old if I remember correctly.... if that is still happening this time around the greenway would be too new...
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    Best Development Proposal Nominations

    I nominate the updated Riverside Station development proposal that passed. Major TOD replacing a huge parking lot and over one million square feet in Newton of all places. Huge win for the city and whole region.
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    Best Member Photo Nominations

    Ok. There is one picture that I remember from last year that really stuck with me. This one by @Subdivisions is exactly what Boston feels like everytime I'm in town. The grit, the failed modernism, the old brick against the shiny new subway car. This is the layering that makes Boston such a...
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    Best Member Photo Nominations

    When we used to do these awards I would keep a running list all year of pictures I thought deserved this distinction. Sorting back through every picture from 2019 just feels too daunting right now. There was one image of them tearing down the garage for Winthrop Center that still sticks in my...
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    Worst Development Proposal Nominations

    real simple. The Embrace. the gaudy Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King memorial for the common. While I am all for the concept of a memorial and even the placement of it on the common, the winning design, chosen in 2019, is simply an eye sore that will only be used for selfie backdrops.