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    Noooooo!! Not HEIGHT!!!

    Heh, its relieving to hear this from other cities:
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    Soviet Futuristic buildings

    I'm sure some of you know alot of these but has some interesting pictures
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    Tall is Good T
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    Fore River Bridge

    They have started on the new bridge. I'll try to get some pics in the future.
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    Storytelling and a few pics

    So I went to Bermuda to kick it and play some golf... The view from my hotel balcony. Some perrtty colors. (and the only thing anywhere close to being arch related) One pic of me walking by myself between bars in Hamilton and the only one I thought to take.
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    Chat Room?

    I've thought about a chatroom here. There's not a ton of members so it wouldn't get used hardly at all but if there were an event announced- like "Chat on Wednesday Night 9pm. I think the regulars would show up. Just a thought. Not sure on the logistics of it as far as the internet geekeology...
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    Fox 25 Debate?

    Who ya voting for?
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    Newton North HS

    Anyone else have a SERIOUS problem with this?
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    World beckons Hub architects

    From the Globe's Scott Van Voorhis
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    From Boston?

    File this under... dog-days-of-summer-useless-bs..... A personal pet peeve of mine is claiming status as a Bostonian. Where's the cutoff? Do you say, 'I'm from west of Boston' when traveling or just say 'Boston'? What do you say and where's the cutoff?
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    Something about Apple?

    Better yet, we should turn the apple store into a giant vent building.
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    Educate everyone on a good website...

    Other than here, alot of times I find word of mouth is the best way to find good websites... not everyone's cup of tea I know but... Members make you feel at home and you can ask just about any question(except where their spot is)...
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    From Boston Globe As intense snow begins, roads already treacherous Email|Print| Text size ? + February 22, 2008 12:58 PM By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff A nasty winter storm expected to dump up to 8 inches of snow today has already caused havoc, sending dozens of cars skidding off roads on the...