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    Unbuilt roads around metro Boston

    I didn’t see anything on this so making a new thread. Perhaps when aB gets the eventual reorganization we’ve been talking about, there can be a sub-portal to all unbuilt infrastructure projects. Anyway, I have this map on my wall and have always been curious about why a road that could only...
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    Archboston revamp

    It appears all threads related to making a new forum, then the subsequent discussion of revamping this site instead, have been deleted... I am confused.
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    Ecology/Environmental issues, preservation, resources in Greater Boston

    I wanted to start a thread specifically devoted to the natural environment and ecology in the Boston area. I was thinking this would be a place to - discuss any issues of environmental threats, related or not related to specific developments or proposed projects - ideas about preservation -...
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    Jackson Square Phase III | Jamaica Plain

    So I drove by this today and had no idea what it was. I was totally unaware that this had been approved and was u/c - I thought nothing for this next Jackson phase has been finalized at all - it’s two buildings and will be a huuuge victory for this area. Still not sure what the electrical...
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    Fred Salvucci @ Harvard Gardens (Bar) Won’t be anything new, but figured I’d share...
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    Roslindale Arboretum Gateway Path

    This has been discussed on here before, but I do not believe it has its own thread, and I think it deserves one. I don't have time right now to upload all the images and links, but it's sponsored by Walk-Up Roslindale and has the support of the city and cautiously, of the Arboretum. I am not...
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    Downtown Crossing (MBTA Station)

    I don't think there's a dedicated station thread for this. There was a flurry of discussion on this board during the Millennium construction about how we all wished part of that project included a rebuild of DTX. The only thing I've seen or heard about this even being considered is a local...
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    Kendall Square

    I'm starting this thread as a general discussion on what the Kendall Square area needs - really an overall forum to encompass retail, housing, architecture, urban design, and transportation infrastructure — but, regarding the latter, major discussions on public transit improvements or urban ring...
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    Port Norfolk Park | Dorchester

    I don't know where to put this, since new parks are neither infrastructure nor developments, really... but the Port Norfolk Park has been open for a few months now and is incredibly nice. At first glance it seems a little too much of green lawn, but there are many stands of baby trees that in...
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    Everett and north metro Boston transit

    This was shared in another thread... I think the region in general has pretty bad traffic so if other proposals happen they can go here as well...
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    Mattapan Station Developments | Mattapan

    Not sure if anyone saw this one...
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    Quinzani's Bakery Site | South End H.N.Y.
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    Books about Boston development, architecture, and urbanism

    This thread might not get much use but I was thinking that it might be nice to have a place to list good books people have read and would Recommend to other readers about all things urban in Boston. Since it's a small subject, I would also include books about the history and culture of the city...
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    Assembly Sq <-> Casino Footbridge
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    Replacing the Tobin with a tunnel

    Well this thread might not get too much action but I was just thinking how much more sense it would have made for a tunnel under the mystic - why this wasn't done in not really sure, since it must've at least been a lot easier than tunneling under the harbor. It's not gonna happen, but nice to...
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    New York's "Shadow Transit"

    Cool article, fun graphics:
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    Mosaic Boston Condos | 80-82 Fenwood Road | Longwood

    Previous updates on this found here, perhaps they could be moved to this thread as it deserves its own... Core is going up now. No pics, but here's some additional renders: Edit - in the last pic theyve pretty cleverly allowed the ivy to cover a third of the building... I dont have...
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    Neponset River Greenway

    I could have just put this in "Biking in Boston", but I think it deserves its own thread. Some updates: So the Mattapan extension is happening and will be finished in 18-24 months; the gaps by Freeport/Victory Rd remain a work in progress (I imagine for a long time). From
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    Wellesley Developments

    This development doesn't really "deserve" its own thread in my opinion, but there weren't any Wellesley entries I could find. I remember hearing about it a while back and saw it, nearing completion, today (sorry, no pics). The website makes it look shittier than it does in person. It's...
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    Restrictions of the State House to the Public

    So awhile back I was looking through the Boston Public Library archive photos and looked at hundreds of images of 1960s protests on the Common... and/or on the steps of the State House. It made me realize - I had never realized before - that the entire front entrance and grounds of the State...