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    Harvard Square Infill and Small Developments

    A new Harvard Square zoning petition was discussed at the planning board today. It's main goals are to: Transition to form-based codes Loosen restrictions on retail, specifically encouraging smaller retail Reconfigure parking requirements Restrict frontage for banks and marijuana retail to 20'...
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    CambridgeSide Office/Lab | First Street | East Cambridge

    This story occurred to me after I was looking at the council vote. All councilors present voted in favor, including Dennis Carlone, who previously wrote an op-ed in opposition (in my opinion, motivated by his professional hubris as the designer of the canal district). What changed? Well, the...
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    CambridgeSide Office/Lab | First Street | East Cambridge

    That's only planning board yes? Historically, is the ordinance or the building the tougher one to pass? I was mostly referring to the litigation following special permits granted, which I believe these buildings can still be subject to.
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    CambridgeSide Office/Lab | First Street | East Cambridge

    The ordinance passed today according to the city council minutes. Looking forward to this project, though we know that these things usually have some extra hoops to jump through in Cambridge...
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    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    @SkyriseCities could we have a "Policy" subforum under Boston's Built Environment? As is, there are a few discussions that are scattered across Architecture & Urbanism, Design a Better Boston, and Miscellaneous/General that would have a better home in a "Policy" subforum. This would help unify...
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    Local Politics Thread

    Cambridge's election results came in, and I am pleased to report that 6 of the 9 candidates endorsed by A Better Cambridge won! There are two newcomers: Jivan Sobonho-Wheeler (on the ABC slate) and Patty Nolan, replacing Jan Devereux (outgoing) and Craig Kelley (who barely lost to Dennis...
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    Local Politics Thread

    Local elections are being held tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 5th, across a number of local municipalities. Housing has become the defining issue, a point which was highlighted in a recent Globe editorial suggesting which candidates (and organizations) to follow and vote for if you are interested in...
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    275 Beacon Street (Star Market Lot) | Somerville

    That's fine if you're explicit about the aesthetics of massing being one of your primary concerns, so long as you'll allow me to put it on the very bottom of mine. To me, getting houses where people want to live is most important, and there's a tall bar to clear if you want to deny those to...
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    275 Beacon Street (Star Market Lot) | Somerville

    From the article: So there's already a six-story building nearby. (sniped and thanks @JumboBuc) Maybe I'm just dumb.. why does the height and massing have to be in line with extant buildings? That seems to me an internalization of NIMBY arguments. What should matter is proximity to transit...
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    275 Beacon Street (Star Market Lot) | Somerville

    Images from article: I've contacted WS Development re: how to support this project (as you can see by the article, we have our work cut out for us), I'll update for those who want to get involved.
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    Councilor Wu's Proposal To Abolish The BPDA (65-pp. report)

    I found these two Twitter threads a good overview (and critical look): For all the calls of broader comprehensive plans, electeds and neighborhood associations are all too keen to abandon them once houses start going up (see: Southie IPOD). Our politicians should be confronting their...
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    CambridgeSide Office/Lab | First Street | East Cambridge

    This (refiled) project was up at the Ordinance Committee recently, there will be another committee meeting with no public comment on October 3rd (but public letters still welcome! cc @Massachoicetts). Here is are the refiled plans...
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    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    Although I think the energy and sentiment is great, frankly I'm not sure the authors of the petition have the self-awareness to even consider your point of view. (I'd be happy to be proven wrong though!) My understanding of the (byzantine, incumbent-favoring) process by which new large...
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    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    Quick Tour of Cambridge St (Cambridge) 1500 Cambridge St Slated to become 3 condos - can't find information on internet Vellucci Plaza (Inman Square Redesign) 305 Webster Ave BLDUP Article 1055 Cambridge St Special Permit Application - this passed the planning board several months...
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    Suffolk Downs Redevelopment | East Boston

    City Councillor Lydia Edwards has been taking an involved role in this redevelopment. In the tweet posted below, she says that the city will be requiring more 2 and 3 family housing. This seems to suggest that the overall height and density will be limited, at least on the outer edges of the...
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    A unique look at the Citizen M rooftop bar
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    [CANCELED] 1000 Boylston Street | MassDOT Parcel 15 | Back Bay

    This is the "induced demand" theory of housing prices, and there has been recent empirical research that shows it is incorrect. Paper Link City Observatory Summary/Commentary In short, while new construction, even new luxury construction does cause more people to move to that area, any...
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Count the cranes