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    52 Hanover St | Apartments | Portland

    55 Portland (the former public works office) is being renovated into a new office building for Preble Street resource center:
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    Time & Temp Building | Parking Garage Redevelopment | Portland

    Parking garages are very expensive and generate little to no rent! Thread:
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    113 West Commercial Street | VA Outpatient Clinic | Portland

    You can tell Corey's a new parent from all the crack-of-dawn sunrise shots he's been getting lately :D
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    @PWMFlyer - Every architectural style goes though a period of disillusionment in middle age. In the 1960s, they were tearing down art deco buildings we'd kill to have today; 1960s/1970s brutalist and modernist buildings (like the UHaul building on Marginal Way) are already coming back in style...
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    Good questions! I just checked the city's building permit site: ... and didn't see any applications for those two projects. I did, however, find a surprise: someone's pulled a permit application for 75 Chestnut Street, now being...
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    With repeated exposure to the elements and salt from cars, these garages have required major, expensive maintenance work nearly every year for the past decade. The fundamental rule of building maintenance – keeping out the water – isn't allowed in a parking garage, because if you did, your...
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    113 West Commercial Street | VA Outpatient Clinic | Portland

    I think that the in-town train station idea has been shelved – NNEPRA's main rationalization for building a new station is avoiding a time-consuming turnaround at the existing location, and moving the station to West Commercial Street would just re-create the same problem. A West Commercial...
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    Hobson's Landing | Aloft Hotel | 383 Commercial Street | Portland

    Dang, look at that new street wall. Great shot Corey.
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    Falmouth Shopping Center Redevelopment

    Proposed office/restaurant mixed-use building on Route 1 in Falmouth. This is the first proposal for the area since the owners pulled their much larger "town center" master plan a little over a year ago...
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    83 Middle St | CHOM Affordable Housing | Portland

    There's still a lot of excess right-of-way for that section of Franklin (which would go down to two lanes – that section gets a similar amount of traffic as Pearl and India Streets). But yes, if the east side gets built out like this, then most of that excess ROW will by default go to the...
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    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    190 homes is nothing to sneeze at – and 4 stories makes sense, that maximizes the density you can get with all-wood construction, and they'll still have lots of land out there for additional development in the future. They really need some critical mass out there if they want to start a new...
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    The Furman Block | 178 Kennebec Street | Portland

    I checked this out over the weekend too. The city is also rebuilding Somerset/Kennebec Street right now – I believe the project is going to reconnect the missing section of Somerset between Preble and Elm to create a continuous east-west street connection all the way to Forest Ave.:
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    Try this link: For single-family and duplex houses, there's no planning board/site plan review required, but you can still find building permits.
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    It's a single-family house :/
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    Portland, ME - The Existing Environment

    The building and pier in the 4th photo give it away – it's a boathouse on Little Diamond Island. Google maps:,-70.2026486,50a,35y,272.11h,65.72t/data=!3m1!1e3
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    210 Valley St | Avesta Housing | Portland

    Interesting! That page says the building would be 73,382 SF on a 13,290 SF building footprint – so a 6-story structure. The next statewide round of low-income housing tax credit applications are due in September, so even with the economic meltdown, there are going to be a flurry of planning...
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    Hobson's Landing | Aloft Hotel | 383 Commercial Street | Portland

    It was initially 3 phases, but the hotel and the first condo building (shown in Max's post above) are being built together in a new "phase 1." A second condo building at the corner of High Street had been planned as "phase 2," but it's anyone's guess when (or if) that's happening now.
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    Covid-19 and Portland's Development Future

    Projects being built now have construction loans that are contingent on being paid off with permanent loans on a specific timeline, so unless banks start collapsing (which is certainly still a possibility!), they'll need to finish construction more or less on schedule. I do think that these...
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    It's actually the old "Deliverance Center" (remember the loud guy who stood in Post Office Park and yelled about how upset he was about gay people? He hasn't been around lately because they sold his church building)...
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    Tallest Timber Building to be built in Milwaukee

    Here's a good explanation of the "5-over-1" and "5-over-2" construction methods, which the Boyd Street and Furman Block projects are both using: