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  1. fattony

    COVID-19 in Boston

    I agree with this. The pandemic will have some long lasting effects for sure, but the death of cities is not one of them. If anything, we’ve started a domino effect of medium-to-low-salary office jobs getting passed from expensive cities to WFH remote locations to ultimately offshore...
  2. fattony

    Reasonable Shovel Ready-able Pitches

    I'll chime in on this tangent just briefly to say that hardware specifically to run AI is still in its infancy and that affects what people even think is possible. There is a leapfrog relationship between the hardware and software sides of AI. As one side of the coin advances, it moves the...
  3. fattony

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Allow me to do some shoddy math: $1 billion total contract cost / 400 cars = $2.5 million per car $500 per day for a year = $180k The penalty for a car that is a year late is roughly 7% discount. That doesn’t seem extraordinarily steep to me.
  4. fattony

    Boynton Yards | 101-153 South Street | Somerville

    I agree. The GLX stations each having only a single access point was a missed opportunity. We will have new stations which is great, but with such tortured walking paths to and from desired destinations that we’ll be asking on day 1 “why isn’t there an exit at the other end of the platform...”
  5. fattony

    The Sudbury (Bulfinch Crossing Residential Tower) | 50 Sudbury St | GCG Phase I | Gov't Center

    Remember rents are coupled to home prices. Take $9500 per month and break it down into mortgage + tax + HOA as roughly $7500 + $1500 + $500. With today’s interest rate of 3%, $7500 gets you a $2.2 million home (20% down). Taking into account tax deductibility of the interest, that stretches...
  6. fattony

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Did you consider elevation change? It slows you down in one direction and speeds you up in the other...
  7. fattony

    The Abbot Building | 1-30 Brattle St | Harvard Square | Cambridge

    ^ I had missed those changes. Vast improvement!
  8. fattony

    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    There is a cultural component too, or maybe this point is lumped into “local drivers for density.” In Europe and Asia, people live in 1/4 the unit area that Americans expect. We could put more units in the same floorplate, spreading our high land acquisition cost, but our minimum unit size...
  9. fattony

    Parcel 12 | Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street | Back Bay

    I mean, when is this going to open? 2022? Later? I don’t think Covid is going to be a significant factor by the time this is done. The financing seems perfectly reasonable to me. Skate to where the puck is going to be...right? Hotels are in trouble today, but probably not years down the line...
  10. fattony

    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    But do we want the same number of cars on the pike 10 years from now as we had 10 years ago? I don’t. Induced demand is real and it cuts both ways. If you want less traffic you need to reduce travel lanes. You can’t decongest highways, you can only make them smaller (and still congested, but...
  11. fattony

    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    I’m sure there is a short answer for this, but is there a particular reason the pike needs to be 8 lanes? A while ago someone made the observation that the pike will be reduced in capacity for a decade or more for all the various projects along it, including this one. Why not commit to making...
  12. fattony

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    It was the first MBTA station I ever used when I came to visit to go apartment hunting for the first time. I doubt I have used it more than 2-3 more times in the ten years I’ve lived here, but that is just the geography of where I ended up settling. As a Ball Square resident, I suspect I’ll be...
  13. fattony

    COVID-19 in Boston

    He said “under-30”, not “over-60.”
  14. fattony

    COVID-19 in Boston

    I just caught up on the past week worth of this thread. I regret it. I put falcon on ignore and I politely suggest folks stop engaging him on these ideological, off-topic rants. This thread is no longer about Covid in Boston. It’s a disgrace of moderation. Mods I know you have a challenging job...
  15. fattony

    Good Gas Residences | 345 Medford Street | Somerville

    There is actually a surprising density of gas stations in this middle section of Somerville. Patronage will redistribute to the ones on McGrath with little fanfare. I think the building looks good. I think the neighborhood erupt in opposition. I think Cortatone will tell them to go pound sand...
  16. fattony

    COVID-19 in Boston

    Knowing the optimal thing to do is hard, probably impossible. Even the first step of that is deciding what to optimize for and that is not clear. There are massive negative consequences to human lives if we cripple the economy too much. There won’t be resources to care for normal illnesses and...
  17. fattony

    Flag of the City of Boston

    That is a truly great flag design. The asymmetry makes me a little uncomfortable, but that isn’t necessarily a reason not to use it. It makes you stare at the flag longer.
  18. fattony

    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    There is nothing new about pet rent. A girlfriend of mine paid pet rent 20 years ago in an apartment complex in Gainesville, FL. I’m sure it was less than $75, but then again I think the rent was only $400-500. Another friend of mine currently pays pet rent in a new-ish building on D street...
  19. fattony

    MIT East Campus - Kendall Square Gateway | Cambridge

    I suspect that the school cannot charge rents that are vastly different than market rate (at least not unless they have a bed to offer every single graduate student and their families in a closed ecosystem). Otherwise the lottery for student housing essentially becomes a lottery for a massive...
  20. fattony

    Banned Users

    I know who I'm going to place on ignore...