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    Falmouth Shopping Center Redevelopment

    Proposed office/restaurant mixed-use building on Route 1 in Falmouth. This is the first proposal for the area since the owners pulled their much larger "town center" master plan a little over a year ago...
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    Munjoy Hill infill

    Good story in today's Press Herald with new renderings of two small 6-unit projects in the pipeline:
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    Portland - Fee in Lieu of Parking Ordinance

    Next Monday's City Council meeting - at 7 pm on the 21st, in the Council chambers on the 2nd floor of City Hall - will decide the outcome of the Peninsula Transit Study's proposed "Fee In Lieu of Parking" concept. Generally speaking, this ordinance would give developers of new buildings on the...
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    Portland - Franklin Street redesign and redevelopment

    Franklin Arterial is a failed urban-renewal project from the late 1960s/early 1970s that demolished acres of historic neighborhoods in the center city and replaced them with a wide, 1/2 mile expressway across the peninsula. Here's a before-and-after aerial photo (courtesy of the Portland Press...
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    Danforth on High

    Local developer Peter Bass expects to break ground on this 26 unit condo building this spring. With smaller unit sizes and reduced parking, the prices should be affordable to first-time homebuyers. Unfortunately, these innovative features required a long detour through the city's planning...
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    Knightville mixed-use

    I took a bike ride this weekend through Knightville, the neighborhood at the other end of the Casco Bay Bridge, and there's a surprising amount of development going on over there. The city is rebuilding Waterman Drive to become more pedestrian-friendly and neighborhoody (it had been the approach...
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    Thompson's Point, Portland

    The owners of Thompson's Point (behind the train and bus station in Libbytown) are looking for a developer to turn the site into a mixed-use, transit-oriented development:
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    West End infill

    Here's a rendering for the proposed building on Danforth and High Streets: From Peter Bass's development company. The proposal includes two shared cars to minimize parking requirements and maximize affordability.
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    Munjoy Hill infill

    A 21 unit housing proposal for Sheridan Street just got conditional Planning Board approval:
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    Free parking

    Downtown Portland's parking lots (solid red) and parking structures (shaded): Some facts about Portland's subsidies for free parking on my blog:
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    Brunswick transit-oriented development

    Brunswick has commissioned a master plan for the area around its planned train station: Also, I've moved back to Portland and started an economic-development web log. It's located at I don't...
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    Freeport Village Center

    More opportunities for tourists' wallets to hemorrhage in Freeport are on the way. This plan comes complete with plenty of "free" parking (Freeport taxpayers will actually pay the bill), which ought to do wonders for the June-through-January traffic jam on Main Street. Courtesy the "on the...