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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Again, a harbor tunnel ER with Reg Rail frequencies would obviate the need for all those feeder buses to Wonderland. The increased speed should more than make up for the Airport transfer delay. While a RT tunnel would have more potential than RR, you would then need the 2nd NSRL tunnel as well...
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    I will concede that ER loses a one seat to GC Haymarket etc, but a transfer to BL probably gets most people closer to work than Central station would. As does Worcester(the most probable match with ER)
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    I thought the difference was obvious, but I will indulge you. The Airport alignment is 4.2 miles from Winthrop Ave to SS, nearly arrow straight with one stop. The present alignment is 7.4 miles with four stops, including proposed infills, further slowed by curves, grade crossings and junctions...
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    So, I suspect that unless there are some unknown technical issues, a tunnel to Eastie and up the ER would be comparable in cost to a second tunnel NS. Lets also assume that post covid(this time next year), Massport will be back on the people mover kick. The ER will probably support (assuming a...
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Yes, please!
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    I should specify...on one tunnel going under the harbor and the greenway.
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    Crazy Transit Pitches

    My exact thoughts on the routing!
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Dayton's new IMCs have 15-20 mile range and space for double the batteries. They are 40fters
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    Freight and General New England RR News

    So, the T is planning on high platforms in Winchester that, word has it, would preclude freight, hence the move of the gravel run to the WR. How true this is, I am unclear.
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    Gillette Stadium

    Northeastern might help pay for it. Especially if you put it on top of 2-3 stories of TOD
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    Worcester Developments

    My office was in this building
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    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    GJ should be rebuilt to LRT standards. Decent service REQUIRES LRT, not EMUs. The sooner MassDOT admits that, the better.
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    General Infrastructure

    At risk of nimbyhood, it will always be Exit 13 (Kelley Sq) in Wormtown.
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    Amtrak NEC, Downeaster, Acela, & Long Distance

    And how much are they offering to lease this profitable franchise?
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    Fall River/New Bedford Commuter Rail (South Coast Rail)

    And build it in a place that will be useless once phase 2 and Buzzards Bay starts buzzing;)
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    "Small nitpick...but I sense a slight hesitation to get out of the shallow-end comfort of abstract whitepaper-land and actually start return-volleying the plan vs. "world practice" conditions that have already been settled." F-Line, this is the accusation you hurl at Transitmatters, yet it is...
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    Stairs, Gates, Footpaths, and Odd Public Ways

    The stairs at the end of Bosworth? Boswell? Where you could go from Cafe Marlieve to the Littlest Bar(that place was AMAZING on Paddys Day)
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    I know it at least was controversial in AZ. Accusation s of revenue raising vs actual public safety. Slippery slope type stuff.
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    MBTA Bus & BRT