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  1. squidman1

    Other Prudential Center buildings (mall, 888 boylston, 101 huntington, 111 huntington)

    Hi! I just made this thread as sort of a photo dump for pictures of the surrounding buildings of the Prudential Center, some listed in the thread title. Something that I'm looking for though, are some pictures of the mall in the 1990s, and maybe some old pictures of the 101 Huntington interior.
  2. squidman1

    The old Traveler's Building (photos, information, etc)

    I only recently found out about the existence of this building (at the previous 125 High site, 1959-1988), but I've been scouring the web looking for pictures and more information about it. Does anyone by any chance have any more media relating to this late building? I think I've seen one or two...