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    Prism Apts. | 50 Rogers St | Kendall Square | Cambridge

    I really love the gray brick building
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    MassDOT Rail: Springfield Hub (East-West, NNERI, Berkshires, CT-Valley-VT-Quebec)

    They get indirect benefit from continuing or increased economic output in Boston. Western MA is basically dependent on Eastern MA but they refuse to admit it.
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    MIT West Campus Graduate Dorm | 269-301 Vassar St | Cambridge

    Jesus Christ MIT is really bad at architecture sometimes.
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    7INK (née Ollie) | 217 Albany St | South End

    I guess I'm not the only one :LOL:
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    1 - 101 Main St. | Broad Canal Zoning + Development | Cambridge

    Seriously. But, the reason they're no considering it is because the windows are already floor-ceiling so there's little market-value to doing so. I used to work in that building on the 17th floor. It's a nice building besides the exterior. Just wait another 30-40 years and it will all need to...
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    2021 Boston Mayoral Race

    Too early to know, but I expect the field will widen over the next few weeks. I don’t really like any of the candidates as of right now, they all seem like the type to be easily swayed by social justice rhetoric against development. Ill be interested in knowing who Walsh endorses.
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    Hope Point Tower (Fane) | 250 Dyer Street | Providence

    This has always been the problem with this project... where's the demand?
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    This building is completed no? Mods can we move this to the Boston's Built Environment forum?
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    Id take that over the chosen design...
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    Attleboro Developments

    It's not. In fact Covid was probably one of the best things that could have happened for the game as it's brought in a ton of new interest. Some of that will drop off, but some of it won't. Not that golf was really dying before that... it's just not a game that people outside of certain income...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Wow we are getting screwed if I am reading that correctly... why the fuck does SEA get $310m and SF get close to 500m at the minimum end of their ranges? Is this a repercussion of Capuano being ousted a few years ago... if so, holy shit.
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    MIT Museum/Book Store |nee Boeing | 314 Main St. | Kendall Square

    I don't think the setback's need to be huge... ten feet? Buildings should have a pedestal of maybe 2-3 floors then setback then go as high as they want. Yea that's square footage so I guess we need to go slightly taller to make it up, oh but that's also not possible in Boston... because politics...
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    COVID-19 in Boston

    Except it does not, because I am not taking a position other than the The State of Massachusetts has the data and clearly based on its own metrics believes the casino is “safe enough” and that non-essential business can operate right now.
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    MIT Museum/Book Store |nee Boeing | 314 Main St. | Kendall Square

    If only Boston and Cambridge would learn how setbacks work! Ugh, I hate this. It's also why I have zero faith in the Kenmore Sq. Hotel with it's thin-to-thick overhang design.
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    COVID-19 in Boston

    Shooting from the hip. Bring some data to the table before making these kind of accusations. I am getting real tired of people claiming things are "coronavirus spreaders" without any evidence. Yes, there is a higher risk to anything indoors, but higher risk != guaranteed infection. There's no...
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    Downtown Crossing | Discussion

    Architect was handed a budget and got sloppy... I dunno, I don't like it. Fortunately, it's a relatively easy to undo mess someday in the future.
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    Quincy, Malden, and Medford... those three cities are really important places that just don't pull their weight. Quincy... I feel is the worst offender with its wealth of Red Line stations. The state should really force them to up zone everything near those stations and allow development by rights.
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    Copley Square Revamp | Back Bay

    I don't think that's viable... Dartmouth is simply too import of a road.
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    Redesign Government Center

    You're right, I am wrong. I've only ever seen Copley go from the days when it was mostly streets to the more modern incantation and didn't realize there was a short lived concrete jungle.
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    Redesign Government Center

    This was a proposal that never actually happened. Nothing to undo.