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    500 Boylston Infill | 500 Boylston St | Back Bay

    You could say that. Harvard just stripped his name from the first building he ever designed, which they own, becasue of all this. Look up The Johnson Study Group if you want more of the story.
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    500 Boylston Infill | 500 Boylston St | Back Bay

    I said this in another thread a few days ago, but it is worth repeating here, Philip Johnson was a literal Nazi and much of his architecture reflects a facist ideology. he went to Hitler Youth rallies, he wrote a glowing review of Mein Kampf and published it, he effectively segregated the MoMA...
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    Kenmore Square North | 533 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    Personally I just really hate stacked brick pattern (as opposed to a running pattern or a more intricate pattern) It just always feels like the bricks aren't actually "working" if that makes any senses. When they are in a running pattern you can see the bricks interlocking and they feel like...
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    New ads?

    im still getting the huge popups, mid-stream adds, and top banners crowding out the page. didn't someone make a mirror of the site back when we were worried Briv had abandoned us and the forum could disappear any moment?
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    New ads?

    We all decided collectively when the forum changed hands not to jump ship and start a new site. This influx of ads is making me rethink that decision. Would a non-profit model work for a site like this?
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    New ads?

    Yeah this is exactly what we were worried about when the site changed hands. Id happily throw a few dollars in every now and then over this. There have been times where I couldn't open the site becasue the pop up ads were so large I couldn't reach the "x" to close them.
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    Canopy by Hilton (née Haymarket Hotel) | Blackstone St | Parcel 9 | Greenway

    What about the Monadnock Building? Do you consider that out of scale or an engineering marvel?
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    While we are discussing Philip Johnson I just want to remind everyone he was a literal Nazi. He tried to form an American Fascist Party. He was listed as one of the Leading American Nazis in 1940. He published a glowing review of Mein Kampf, followed by articles decrying the decline in fertility...
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    Riverside Station Developments | Auburndale | Newton

    This all sounds to me like they either have or are talking to someone that want lab space there so they are pushing around the edges to give more of that kind of space and less of other.
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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    I don't think we talk about the bus terminal expansion here enough. it is going to be absolutely transformational. 1/3 more bays and indoor access to south station will make the experience of the terminal so much nicer. When it is not a pandemic I take a bus in or out of the terminal at least...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    have y'all see this yet? I'm in it for the new public space and how it pulls back to keep Grand Central visible. I can't quite wrap my head around the new interior public spaces including subway and passage upgrades but on principle I'm for them. The design seems ok and I'm interested in the...
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    Oxford Office Bldg. | 125 Lincoln St | Leather District

    I'm interested din the play between the "terracotta panel" and "metal panel" textures. The research images of the green patinated metal are kind of exciting, specifically as a sort of trompe l'oeil shadow on the upper section around the windows.
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    MGM Music Hall (née Fenway Theater) | 12 Lansdowne St | Fenway

    Thank you for the kind words about my post! If they are releasing images of the interior and raising steel onsite I am pretty sure that there is no other large work to be done design-wise. There may be some superficial changes but what we are seeing is like what we are getting.
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    Related Beal (née P&G)| 244-248 A Street | Fort Point

    I have to say, I'm a big fan of the new, lighter look for the top two floors on the shorter building.
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    MGM Music Hall (née Fenway Theater) | 12 Lansdowne St | Fenway

    ok, quick little theater interior design history lesson from someone that does this kind of stuff for a living: Historically theater interiors were big and grand not just to show wealth or style, but to heighten the senses of the audience before the production began. The idea was that to fully...
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    Best Development Proposal Nominations

    I think Kenmore Square tower and Riverside station developments were proposed in 2019...
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    Hall of Shame Nominees

    ^ ugh. I spent some of the best nights of my life in that building going to see Rocky Horror all through college.
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    Best Development Proposal Nominations

    OH! i forgot about this one! i was obsessed when it was announced
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    Hall of Fame Nominees

    oh wait! the State House got in last year! strike that! I replace that nomination with the quirkiest building in the city, one of of my absolute loves, the Milk Bottle at the Children's museum. here is a great article about it and the amazing history behind it...
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    Best Completed Development Nominations

    Ok, I know this is an underdog, and may not even count, but what about the Omni Hotel south tower? I just really kind of love it. photo by BeeLine Also, this may be a controversial choice, but what about the Samuel Adams Tap Room at Quincy Market. Its a smartly designed, stoic little...