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  1. HenryAlan

    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    Yeah, kind of inevitable, unfortunately. If they raised the canopy some, p[lacing the bus depot and parking higher up, maybe it would feel more airy, but I don't think it would, since there wouldn't be anything like skylights to connect it with the outside.
  2. HenryAlan

    Kenmore Square North | 533-541 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    I still remember the great frustration of learning that lesson with Lego structures as a young builder. So many buildings exploding under the pressure of me applying a new brick directly above the line of already installed bricks. Finally, my parents showed me about the strength of overlapping...
  3. HenryAlan

    Doyles | 3484 Washington st | Jamaica Plain

    It's a privately owned, but similar small factor/urban grocer format to the BFresh concept. Big enough to cover most of my grocery needs, and small enough to slot in to a fairly crowded neighborhood. Something half its size would seem more like a large convenience store or Trader Joe's, but not...
  4. HenryAlan

    New ads?

    That happened to me yesterday, but today they are back for me. You may find they popup again for you next time around.
  5. HenryAlan

    New ads?

    For what it's worth, I'm not seeing the ads right now. Didn't get the pop-up, and the in-thread ads are also gone. The usual banner ads are still there, which I'm totally fine with. Hopefully it's not just luck, but an active re-configuration by @SkyriseCities to address the issue.
  6. HenryAlan

    2021 Boston Mayoral Race

    Her rhetoric on housing has generally been very disappointing. I like her personally (she's a neighbor) and definitely approve of her positions on transportation, biking, and walking. But the statement you posted does not give me confidence that she intends to actively support a large increase...
  7. HenryAlan

    Doyles | 3484 Washington st | Jamaica Plain

    I did a probably inaccurate estimate of my smallish neighborhood grocery, and it's almost twice the size.
  8. HenryAlan

    Doyles | 3484 Washington st | Jamaica Plain

    That's a very small grocery store.
  9. HenryAlan

    MBTA Commuter Rail (Operations, Keolis, & Short Term)

    On the one hand, clock facing schedules, so (y) On the other hand, not enough trains, so :mad:
  10. HenryAlan

    New ads?

    Yes, they are, at least on the desktop version. Yeah, it's very annoying. An add at the bottom or top of the page is fine, adds mixed in with the content, roughly every third comment, is not fine. I might go the add blocker route, but I might also just go the Beton Brut route, since I'm not all...
  11. HenryAlan

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Two thoughts about this: It's consistent with how the Green Line is labelled in the downtown transfer stations where inbound/outbound are meaningless. Although Heath St. is indeed south of Copley, it is also West of Copley, so the ordinal reference still works.
  12. HenryAlan

    North End Cross Street Boutique Hotel | 42 Cross Street | North End

    But is there anything in these spaces right now other than a real estate broker?
  13. HenryAlan

    MBTA Commuter Rail (Operations, Keolis, & Short Term)

    You are clearly riding different bus routes than I am. I've been on quite a few buses that I considered to be too crowded for pandemic safety standards.
  14. HenryAlan

    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    That kind of raises a question about the future of BU Central as a station name.
  15. HenryAlan

    Evolving use of Office and other Space

    My company is planning for the exact same model, with the caveat that we are a large health care provider, and clinical staff will still mostly work on site (though even there, we expect a much larger telemedicine footprint, which can be done from home). We are already soliciting staff input...
  16. HenryAlan

    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    But it's a 5-10 minute bike ride. This is exactly the sort of transit role that Blue Bikes was meant to satisfy.
  17. HenryAlan

    Take Back The Streets (...and alleys)

    That was the original plan for the courtyard, but the Emerald Society did not wish to participate and the guy behind the project finally gave up on the more expansive vision, focusing instead just on the property he personally owned. As for closing Poplar, I complete agree, that would be a huge...
  18. HenryAlan

    Is parking too cheap?

    Ironically enough, that group will quite easily get on board. They believe that most parking is only built due to mandates in the building code. I know quite a few people in this group, and they tend to favor market-based solutions on the assumption that parking exceeds demand when unsubsidized...
  19. HenryAlan

    Take Back The Streets (...and alleys)

    These are some great ideas, really well fleshed out. I'm not sure how we get from here to there, but we definitely want to capitalize on some of what was done over the Summer. There is a street in my neighborhood that is in the process of being pedestrianized. It took a lot of work by local...
  20. HenryAlan

    Is parking too cheap?

    Ideally, we would completely decouple parking from other building forms. Some developers could build housing, some office/lab/commercial space, and others might focus on parking garages. Whatever demand there is for parking would be satisfied by the market, either via more parking lots or higher...