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    Take Back The Streets (...and alleys)

    America's Walking City (TM) doesn't have enough places where people can walk. Boston should take on an aggressive policy that seeks to (1) pedestrianize as many streets as practicality allows in certain commercialized, high-foot traffic areas, and (2) activate Downtown Boston's many quirky...
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    Bones of Boston

    I was walking through some parts of Dorchester today and came across a few areas that I think have the potential to become truly great urban neighborhoods, places that a lot of us would describe as having "good bones." I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread specifically dedicated to...
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    Liberty Tree Plaza | Chinatown

    For years it has gnawed at me that Boston has done so little to celebrate what could, arguably, be the most famous physical symbol of the Revolution in Boston. In terms of their actual respective roles in the fight for independence, the Liberty Tree was FAR more significant than the Liberty...
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    Tell Me Where to Live

    Hello, ArchBostonians. I'm a long time lurker who's always enjoyed your insights on the city of Boston, but someone who's never really posted, primarily because I've lived outside of New England for over a decade. After living in DC, Iowa, DC again and then Brooklyn for the last 8 years, my...